secret message

#1KDash_KakashiPosted 1/19/2013 4:03:38 PM
I was just reading about how Ermac came to be, and there is the rumor that overplaying the game with Scorpion pops up a message and then turns him red. It was later found out to be false.

The thing is, I remember playing the game when I was a kid with my brother, pretty sure we weren't using Scorpion and this message popped up. I don't remember what it said but it was like a paragraph long, it was at the outdoor shrine level with the two guards wearing masks (second level I think). It was hella scary to me for some reason which is probably why I still remember it, and I remember we kept going back to that level to try to get it to appear again. It just came out of nowhere.

Has anyone else seen this???
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