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if you could use any 5 people in the final party, who would they be? (Archived)Elrick7599/21/2012
favorite phantasy star game? (Poll)oldgamingfan49/17/2012
Character Tier Rankings for the Final Boss (Archived)RuneForumwalker79/10/2012
Your favorite female character through the Phantasy Star series. (Archived)althalus26109/9/2012
I wish I could get this for the Vita (Archived)crazyisgood49/3/2012
I love this game so much you guys! (Archived)The Masked Mage48/25/2012
You ever think about how awesome the characters are when the game is over? (Archived)The Masked Mage18/21/2012
omg Zio!! *spoilers if your not past Nurvus* (Archived)guiness4298/18/2012
Question about BigNailCow2's custom party patch. (Archived)Moeman_77/29/2012
*Whew* Ultimate Game Complete! (Archived)Eyedunno147/9/2012
Question for FreshFeeling (or whoever) (Archived)Lucid71726/16/2012
Someone know how to do a game hack? (Archived)starstray55/31/2012
Where is this animated gif from? (Archived)FuriousRoy35/29/2012
Best equipment for Seth? (Archived)_chaotikz_75/21/2012
This is my first PS game... is that a bad thing? (Archived)epona_the_horse95/16/2012
Speed Running PSIV (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
Equipment, end-game - What is yours? (Archived)Lucid71775/7/2012
Do I need a guide/map to play this game. (Archived)Pennsage85/6/2012
Is this game as easy as they say? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
rykros confusion(possible spoilers) (Archived)knight-k974/24/2012
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