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Carnivorous Plants. (Archived)iovandrake24/1/2012
Critical Hits (Archived)TriforceSD53/16/2012
Please explain what using a Ceramic Shield and Knife should do. (Archived)cocomunga73/4/2012
Hunter's Guild? SPOILERS (Archived)Jack Talk Thai42/29/2012
Do I have to play the three games first games in the series to understand this? (Archived)
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questions about a character named alys (Archived)darnthisknee32/19/2012
The other incarnations of Lutz? (Archived)SpiralDrift22/19/2012
Revenge Of the Solo Run 3: The Revengening (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Wren (Possible Spoilers) (Archived)crazyisgood42/14/2012
How long would it take to finish this w/ all the optional stuff? (Archived)alec2082/9/2012
Why did they allow Gryz to use shields? (Archived)John_Dane72/8/2012
25 years (Archived)Elrick7551/29/2012
Do I need to erase and restart my game?!? (Archived)M_Project41/26/2012
What would you change or add if you could? (Archived)
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What's your favorite music pieces from this game? (Archived)alysbrangwin612/29/2011
Vehicle not showing in items list (Archived)Mediiiiic312/23/2011
arggg no! (Archived)
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This was one of the only games where I missed the characters when it was over. (Archived)
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The Clones of Zio have United (Archived)Raithwall412/5/2011
for fans of this RPG (Archived)crazyisgood311/22/2011
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