Your top 12 warriors

#1MegaGearXPosted 1/18/2008 2:47:59 PM
Who's really good to use on a team?
Who's hopeless?

Who makes your best Shining Force 1 Team?
#2heimdalgcPosted 1/18/2008 6:05:09 PM

no joke

I never used him but one time i did the instant lvl 20 cheat or whatever and surprisingly he had better stats than any other archer. I did it a few times to make sure and yup he even beat out Lyle!
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#312345bob12345Posted 1/18/2008 11:15:29 PM
whats the instant lvl 20 cheat
#4heimdalgcPosted 1/18/2008 11:52:30 PM
I dunno just google it.

It's like use an herb and gain levels automatically
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#5Demon1050Posted 1/19/2008 12:01:16 AM

you need a game genie
#6heimdalgcPosted 1/19/2008 4:00:12 AM

Khris/Domingo/Anri/Luke or Gort/Earnest for the last spot
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#7SSJDennisPosted 1/25/2008 3:45:55 PM
You need to use him and he is quite good.

Best gladiator in the game, only need one as there is one Atlas.

Monster dragon.

Armor tank.

Best knight of the game, possible best knight ever. Can use MAGIC FTW.

Flying knight, how can that be bad.

Kinda like Kokichi, character with special skills.

Tank mage.

Sumurai pwn.

Ninja pwn.

Mobile tank. Superb unit to have, I prefer him above Earnest.

Everyone luvvvvvvvvvvs the Aura4.

Think that sums it up. Although I have the feeling I'm forgetting someone, but owhwell, this is really solid build.

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#8lastjusticePosted 1/25/2008 10:09:16 PM
Best gladiator in the game, only need one as there is one Atlas."

Actually you can get multiple atlas axes if you keep repeating the battle(one of the easiest battles to farm for exp anyways). I had dozens of them as I sold em for cash. I had two on gort and luke incase I broke one if I used the special too much.You can do same for doom blades too so your skywarrior both have one too.

I think my 12 i usually beat the game with is.

1. Max- armed with chaos breaker(which has infinite freeze 3, it seems deadly attack alot), white ring, one of the best all around characters.

2. Ken- devil lance.,black ring, I always liked him so I use him for the majority of the game. I sometimes use arthur(hes a slow starter, and his spells really dont matter they re too low to be that great) instead but ken is good for whole game, and as you get further his stats round out more but the bad guys tend have alot of special attacks anyways near the end so high hps work well.

3. Luke- Atlas, both gort and luke are good, but I stick with luke.

4. Zylo- power ring, assuming you didnt get gimped on your lvls zylo tends knock foes thru walls by the end of the game.

5. Anri- demon rod, by end of the game she has one of the best spell lists,(freeze 4 and bolt 2) and solid defense.

6. Khris, like anri she has quite high defense. she can deal decent damage, and gets aura 2 allowing her rocket up lvls easy enough. torasu gets aura 4 but shows up rather late. I dont always feel like building him up(I do use him still alot of times). I feel like khris is an overall better product since since isnt just a heal bott since if you re on high lvls you dont need much healing anyways.

7. Alef,guardian, I like my mages so I get alef to where she has all her spells. Bolt 4 is just a cool looking spell.

8. Mae,valkyrie shes got good defense, and I feel the valkyrie is a fitting weapon for her.

9. Diane buster shot, I like elven archers since they move well thru any terrain. Lyle might have more range, but alot of maps he gets greatly reduced how far he walks.

10. Guntz, one of the best defense units in the game, i use the turbo pepper on him to get him up 6 movement.

11. Tao Guardian staff,I like having fire damage , as it blows up blue dragons pretty well.

12. Musashi,katana, I use him or one of a couple different melee attacks. Such as bleu, or a number of great characters.

Alot of good choices to go with. These just happen be amoung my favorites as lvl 20 then promoted, and ran up to lvl 20 again characters tend to smash thru the game easily if you max them all out.

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#9Lord_BioPosted 2/8/2008 12:52:59 AM
Here is my top 12:

1. Max - Obviously have no choice in choosing him. He is good enough on his own though that he would make my team anyways.

2. Bleu - Flying Dragon, that starts off weak but later just starts rocking. He is to good not to use. Besides who doesn't want to have a dragon in their party?

3. Guntz - Walking Tank. Both literally and figuratively speaking.

4. Kokichi - Proably my weakest member stats wise. But I like his flying ability, and his choice of Lances. I mostly give him a Valkyrie to make him like a flying Archer range attacker.

5. Arthur - Like Bleu he starts off weak. Also, throughout most of the game he remains weak, but at the end his stats really spike.

6. Zylo - He has great movement in forests and mountains, plus his attack is strong enough for him to see use even later.

7. Musashi - Great all around fighter.

8. Hanzou - Great speed and mobility, plus he has a high attack.

9. Lyle - An archer with great mobility and good attack. Whats not to love?

10. Domingo - Who would thinking a flying mage could be such a tank as well?

11. Torasu - His Aura Lvl. 4 is just so useful.

12. Adam - He also starts off weak, but usually ends with a great defense.

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#10lolforeverPosted 2/9/2008 2:39:32 PM
I beat the game twice with the less than ideal force of

However, I think the force best suited to my playstyle would be
Zylo-enough damage thtat he continues to be useful all game
Domingo-*uses spell, takes 1 damage, rinse and repeat*
Bleu--just godly
Anri--Powerful spellcasting
Tao/Alef--Poweful spellcasting. Probably Tao here as she will be higher level
Arthur--Magic knight with stat spike
Musashi-high damage, add Turbo Pepper
Luke maybe--Open slot, why not stick him in
Torasu--Aura-4...if I take the time to get it, otherwise Khris
and perhaps either Khris or Alef, but I honestly haven't played the game in so long that I can't remember...however, I might get another ranged for the final battle with DD so that they can still inflict damage while covering the Armed Skeleton spawn points. IIRC, it's possible to hit DD from there. I seem to remember using Amon for a while, and I'm pretty sure I had Gort and Luke (one with Atlas, one with Heat Axe I think) for the Ramladu fight.

IMHO, you get Hanzou too late game for him to be of any use. Adam's so weak to begin with that he's hard to level up, and not worth the time IMO; so is Bleu, but I think that Bleu's more worth taking the time on than is Adam.

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