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What are the other Shining Force games? (Archived)SSJ_Jin510/6/2008
While configurating the game (with cheat).. game completed? (Archived)Slashix310/5/2008
-Shining Force 2 Cameos in Soul Calibur 4- (Archived)
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i've always wondered.... (Archived)Groovy Dude310/3/2008
Games Like This? (Archived)
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promotion (Archived)
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Does This Game Glitch? (Archived)Endosage19/23/2008
mithril question (Archived)fonizel99/18/2008
Is it true that with a cheat device such as gameshark... (Archived)Neo_Masamune_89/9/2008
Finalyl got this game and newbie questions... (Archived)
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They make a reference to(spoilers) (Archived)gameghy55528/31/2008
We are absolutely getting this game (Archived)sreed31548/30/2008
Say, what spells can Mages use? (Archived)MonarchPaulos28/29/2008
Probably won't make a difference but... (Archived)JaMarcusRussell58/22/2008
Fairy Woods Leveling (Archived)
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Does anyone know the game genie code for the PAL version of this game? (Archived)JRedmond318/16/2008
I need an explanation for Karna...please. (Archived)elbingren88/14/2008
Is there any Game Genie code for having all characters? (Archived)HousecallDoc28/5/2008
I claim this board (Archived)Slacks888897/30/2008
Who is the best character in this game other than Peter? (Archived)
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