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4 years ago#1
::Malygos followed Sentinel's line of sight, and finally noticed the pony clad in unusual armor. He was speechless; the pony would have had to cross dozens upon dozens of dragons in the field to get this far, and to do so without alerting a single beast? He cast his eyes back to the Commander.::

Malygos: I see... Very well, a purge it is. Send the flare when you are ready, and we will begin the march. Oh, and Commander, one more thing; sneaking up and spying on a dragon is fast way to get killed,

::He cast his eyes to the specter again.::

Malygos: Regardless of what side you're on.
4 years ago#2
Sentinel let out a laugh, and then shot a stern look at the Specter when he noticed the red light. He mouthed a couple of words, which the Specter immediately reacted to. The red light instantly vanished, and the pony ran off to the barracks.

"I'll make sure they know better next time around."

The conversation was interrupted by a low rumbling. Moments later the source, rather sources, of the noise revealed itself. Two large, black, hulking behemoths of metal and might cleared the mountain range the General's dragons were perched on, making a few break formation.

"By Celestia. . ."

Esminets(cough Daedalus cough). In English, The Destroyers. 3 hoof ball fields wide, and 5 long, they were flying fortresses. They were black as the void, which in the rays of the sun made them look like the sky had shattered revealing the night behind it. They had angled, shimmering armor, made from the same materials of Sentinel's suit, making them very resilient to both magic and physical attacks. Closer and closer, they made their way to the city, revealing the offensive capabilities they possessed. Dozens of cannons, and a central dish which Sentinel had only seen fire once, and was humbled by the power it demonstrated.

Sentinel pinged the ships.

"Admiral Roth, Esminets?!"

The ships reversed their jets, stopping them in place.

"Sen----- -----iongr-- --- be-- -ttack-- by S--------!"

Sentinel shot a look up to Malygos.

"Admiral, I didn't copy, repeat last message?"

No response. Instead, the Esminets fired up their engines once more and began moving towards the Soleannis.
4 years ago#3
::Malygos' jaw dropped at the source of the rumble, two massive metal...mountains had come soaring through the sky above the joint army. He was speechless; he had fought their kind only two centuries ago and brought ruin to any who stood against the Legion. Now the ponies had THESE? He was going to report this to the Elder when the metal behemoths sped past them and towards Soleannis as Sentinel tried contacting the ones inside. He turned down to the Commander.::

Malygos: It seems the attack starts now, Commander.

::Malygos spread his wings, and took to the sky with an echoing roar that was answered by the dragon forces. In moments, the Legionnaires were in the sky surrounding the Esminets.::

(also, I thought Roth was a Marshall.)
4 years ago#4
(I was thinking he was Navy for some reason when I was imagining the ships. Which in hindsight is strange, since Stalliongrad in my mind isn't near any body of water to justify one. Consistency is hard when I'm tired. Well, new-ish story, I suppose some things can be altered slightly.)

Sentinel quickly started to re-organize his troops. Sending out a transmission to his lieutenants, he ordered all non-pegasus troops to file in to the airships to join the Esminets in assault.

"Swift? Major Swift!"
4 years ago#5
::Swift heard his name, and dropped from the cloud he and Razor Wing were standing on. He landed by Sentinel with a pomf, followed shortly by the colonel.::

Swift: Yes sir!
4 years ago#6
"Swift, get the pegasi airborne. Admiral Roth decided it was time to attack the Soleannis with some MAJOR firepower."

Sentinel gestured upwards to the destroyers.
4 years ago#7
::Swift nodded, and took into the sky towards the pegasi camp. In moments, he hovered above the pegasi division, and all eyes were on him.::

Swift: Listen up! The Commander's changed the plan, we're deploying NOW! All wings airborne!

::There was a flurry of sound as the pegasi bolted into the sky. Many were ready in an instant, but there were stragglers who lagged behind. Their division started their flight, taking after the torrent of dragons that filled the sky.::
4 years ago#8
Soon, the airships were in tow with the Esminets and dragons. It was strange. Roth, as far as Sentinel knew, had no idea Maylgos' army supporting their cause. The turrets never even thrummed to life and readied themselves. They stayed dormant, perhaps to conserve energy. Sentinel tried once more to ping the Admiral. Nothing but static. He cursed under his breath. What could possibly have made Roth justify deploying these monsters? He was by all means glad for the help however; each ship was capable of adding 5,000 soldiers to a fight.

His theories would have to wait however. The mountain passed from sight, and revealed the Soleannis.
4 years ago#9
::Captain Aether stood on one of the many watchtowers of Soleannis. The fortress itself was nestled deep inside the ring of mountains that made the border between Equestria and the Draconian Legion, spanning half a dozen miles in each direction, and several dozen underground. The watchtowers and the main gate were all that were visible from the outside, and the watchtowers peppered the continuous mountainside for as far as the eye could see.

His informants were mostly right; the ponies had gained partial support of the Legion, and an army from Stalliongrad, which was surprising. They must have joined the Royal Guard before Steelhide's attack. What his informants had not mentioned, however, was that Stalliongrad was releasing their flying fortresses, a move neither he or Steelhide anticipated. No matter, the moment they start blasting the fortress itself apart the Legionnaires would do everything to save this monument. After all, it wasn't just a fortress to protect the Legion, it was the tomb of their beloved Morda'uus, the second most grand structure the Legion built aside from The Crown of the World.::

Aether: Sound the alarm! All dragons in the air once they clear the forest!

::The dragon lookouts howled in response and were greeted by the echo of the dragons inside the fortress. Two necromancers behind Aether summoned a small orb of light, a little magical speaker system he had devised to echo his commands throughout Soleannis.::

Aether: The time has come, gentlecolts. Our enemies are upon our doorstep, and it's up to us to defend this temple. True Guard, fortify the main gate, let nothing pass. Dark Arts, guide the dead into ambush position. We hold out until the Commander returns. Do not fail.

::The orders were given, Aether and the necromancers stepped away from the sight of the oncoming army and into the fortress.::
4 years ago#10
Something felt off with Sentinel. For being so close to the entrance, he expected at least a scouting party roaming around. He decided to at least make sense of his inability to get in touch with. . .

"Sentinel? Sentinel! Respond!"

"Admiral Roth, sir!"

"Son, we must capture Steelhide. Bring your airships down low and ready your Rambler transports."

"Very good, Admiral. And sir? What made you decide to deploy the Esminets?"

There was an uncomfortable pause. He didn't want to outright tell Sentinel that Stalliongrad was brought to its knees.

"Steelhide must be brought to justice. I want to make sure that his following is neutralized and made example of."

Roth learned from the events at Stalliongrad. Explosive and high-velocity shells did little against the dragons; they simply passed through them with little to no effect. Only the incendiaries seemed to prove effective. And so, every auxiliary turret was fitted with a fire team specialized in that munition along side the standard flak cannon.

"I understand, Admiral. With your help, I'm sure he will be ours."

Following Roth's orders, Sentinel brought his airships low, ready to deploy the Ramblers so they could spearhead the ground troops and distract the enemy from Swift and Sentinel's covert plan.

"Swift, get your pegasi to support our ground troops when they land. Something tells me they'll need the eyes in the sky."

A distinct roar was heard as soon as the first Esminet cleared the tree line.
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