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You know, I don't think this game is that bad (Archived)Tidus613537/29/2014
At least the graphics are nice. (Archived)thecrazyfrog35/18/2014
This game is not that bad actually - it is just a difficult game not for newbies (Archived)Guillaume77722/9/2014
If lightning strikes when I reach Jekyll then why can I always walk far as Hyde? (Archived)Peter_1922/5/2014
I am SO gonna go into Vintage Stock... (Archived)KarsUltimate22/13/2013
I just beat this game today (Archived)zxzxi512/31/2012
The thing which bothers me the most about this game... (Archived)Skye Reynolds14/28/2012
Could have been an interesting game.... (Archived)markkimse13/24/2012
I am the devil! (Archived)peterhedgehog23/18/2012
A Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll (Archived)HylianFox12/19/2012
AVGN has made this game legendary (Archived)Neyginn62/1/2011
AVGN is going to return to this game. (Archived)
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Seriously... (Archived)dandamaniac765310/12/2010
i fell....to my death.....**** THIS GAME!!!! (Archived)darkcast2004310/9/2010
Hangin' with mah homies on the west SI-EED (Archived)Final_Revenger38/29/2010
What's with the bombs in the Japanese version? (Archived)GodOfFruit13/26/2010
What's the purpose of the cane? (Archived)GodOfFruit22/22/2010
Funny story with this game. (Archived)Goriya11/29/2010
AVGN did this................. (Archived)ZeppelinFan77721/22/2010
Anyone played this lately? (Archived)
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