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I've always somewhat enjoyed this game. (Archived)anonymous4ever16/8 11:52AM
More on peach freak's map (Archived)Robot260025/11 6:08AM
I think I figured out Jason's path patterns (Archived)peach freak13/27 6:05PM
New Friday the 13th game coming this year on PS4 Xbox1 (Archived)sleepyhold62/17 1:42PM
Game I made where you can play AS Jason (Archived)5kids2feed42/16 10:06AM
Video Walkthrough (Archived)silverwings2112/13 4:06AM
Just won a new sealed copy (Archived)Exo401110/14 6:06PM
Playing this game to celebrate Friday, June 13, 2014 (Archived)The Admiral77/12/2014
Jason attacking you while rowing is cheap bullsh!* (Archived)Flashpoint92237/12/2014
Window cleaner produced some of the weirdest glitches... (Spoiler) (Archived)Skye Reynolds29/18/2013
Atlus made this. (Archived)SteadyingMeat27/24/2013
How my idea for a Friday the 13th Game Would Look Like (Archived)aurllcooljay14/7/2013
why is the sweater in this game?? (Archived)vegemitegurl22/2/2013
Fighting Jason inside his mother's cave (Archived)
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Have any of you reviewed Friday the 13th for the NES in video form? (Archived)DanielTKO18/8/2012
Paul seems like such a nice guy. (Archived)Skye Reynolds88/2/2012
Ideas for a new game continued... (Archived)simonsteele27/24/2012
Why does everyone look so damn happy? (Archived)HylianFox37/18/2012
Have a nice day friggatriskaidekaphobes. (Archived)Cruelle_Poesie47/13/2012
Now You Can Beat This Game... (Archived)MASTERNO77/13/2012
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