Ever dreamed of fighting 10 Blue Darknuts in the same room?

#1MI4 REALPosted 2/29/2008 9:09:50 PM
lol I did on ZC. I only got hit once. And no, I did not hide in the door even once (except when I entered the room)

And no, I did not use the hammer, either.


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Just for a reference:

Blue Darknut:

Health-8 Hearts
(Wood Sword-8 hits)
(White Sword-4 hits)
(Magical Sword-2 hits)

2 Hearts (No Ring)
1 Heart (Blue Ring)
1/2 Heart (Red Ring)

Speed:In the NES cartridge, they go as fast as Red Darknuts, which is 1/4 the speed of your character. In Zelda Classic, the go double speed, which is about 1/2 speed of your character, or a little higher.

"Er...well, y'know. You can't make an omelette without um...destroying a forest.....or something" -Black Mage
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Good job mate, well done.

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#4Nerf_Herder1234Posted 3/1/2008 8:59:18 AM
WOAH! That looks awesome! Is ZC a rom hack of the original Zelda? If so, Where can I find it? What is its full name?

I want to fight 10 blue darknuts! One of my favorite enemies.
#5MI4 REAL(Topic Creator)Posted 3/2/2008 5:04:14 PM
I can't link to it, but it's an emulator that features the original 2 Quests, redone entirely in sprites and duplicated code. It also has a Custom Quest maker (not as easy as it sounds) and a Quest Database that allows you to download other peoples custom Quests.

It's not an emulator to play ROMs, it's an emulator to play custom Zelda games, plus the original 2 Quests. It's also got a 3rd Quest

One difference I noticed that supports my notion Zelda Classic is made entirely in sprites, is that in Level 8 in the 2nd Quest on a NES cartridge, when you defeat Digdogger and push the target block, it glows orange as it slides across the ground. When you do the same thing on Zelda Classic, it does not glow.

Zelda Classic also features enemies that will make the Blue Wizzrobes seem friendly.

Black Darknuts, for example, who travel faster than Link himself, take 4 hits from the Magical Sword, do 4 hearts in damage per hit, and split into 2 Blue Darknuts when finally defeated. Only 2 attacks in NES Zelda do the max of 4 hearts of damage, the orange Wizzrobe's spell and touching Ganon himself.

So introduce the Dark Octorok, who spits magic and deals 5 hearts per hit! (All damage listed means without a ring) and takes 20 hits from the Wooden Sword.

Oh, and Phantom Wizzrobes deal 8 damage per hit and can't be hurt by any of your weapons, only way to kill it is to deflect it's own magic with the Mirror Shield.

"Er...well, y'know. You can't make an omelette without um...destroying a forest.....or something" -Black Mage
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Hm. Kind of mixed that post up a bit. First and foremost, it's called "Zelda Classic" and I got version 2.10w.

"Er...well, y'know. You can't make an omelette without um...destroying a forest.....or something" -Black Mage
#7Nerf_Herder1234Posted 3/3/2008 7:31:53 AM
Think I'll check that out after finishing and then reexploring outlands (I'm a bit of a completionist and I must find everything !)

Sounds like the opposite of outlands. Outlands is extreme exploration for deviously hidden items and this ZC seems like an extreme Zelda-based combat game.
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Nice! Yeah I loved outlands and am already interested in this "Zelda Classic" can someone give a link and elaborate on exactly what it's like. I love the fighting more so than exploration like someone already noted, which was the focal point of outlands. Interested in this so any info would be great!
#9FerentzRocksPosted 3/3/2008 2:07:31 PM
Zelda Classic is, quite literally, a 2-D Zelda fan's dream. It's unbelievable. Go to either purezc.com or Zeldaclassic.com to find out everything you need to know.

There are hundreds of custom quests in existence. Some are awful, but some easily duplicate the quality of commercially produced games. They run the gamut in terms of quality, graphics, difficulty, focus on puzzles vs. fighting, overall size (some have two or three overworlds and way more than 9 dungeons), you name it. A new version of ZC that features many new items and features is in the works. It has custom enemies, bosses, and items not included in the original game such as the hammer, hookshot, super bombs, spells, and so on. There are discussion forums, quest ratings and top-10 lists to help you find out which games are considered the best and provide help if you get stuck. Most ZC quests are noticeably harder than the original 1st (and sometimes even 2nd) quests, but most are also not so hard as to be unplayable. You can also try to make your own quest if you are so inclined.

I discovered Zelda Classic about a year and half ago and I bet a play it at least a little, if not a lot, every single day. It's easily the most used program on my home desktop. It's awesome. Words can't do it justice.
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#10Phoenix1745Posted 3/3/2008 3:01:15 PM
wow thanks alot for the info sir I really appreciate it. I have already been looking over all of the games and see some that really look interesting! Do you know which installment/game if you will, the TC is talking about or is in his screenshot? Just curious. Looking forward to playing some of these. Are there any that you have played through and would reccomend or would reccomend not to play? thanks again in advance!