bomb upgrades

#1targetingPosted 6/28/2009 5:55:04 PM
what are the two levels where you get the bomb bag upgrades?
#2TTFPosted 6/29/2009 1:15:08 AM
Dungeons 5 and 7.
#3Fei519Posted 7/9/2009 7:22:12 AM
Yup, levels 5 and 7 but in level 5 I think it is, you have to bomb one of the walls to gain access to the room, and in level 7 theres just a doorway leading up into into from the right side of the map i believe (beat this game in 2 hours on sunday)
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#4Robot2600Posted 7/24/2009 8:49:51 AM
What about the second quest?
#5Tycho_of_BrahePosted 7/24/2009 10:00:45 AM
Quest #2 bombs? Levels 4 and 8 have the upgrades.

spoiler below.....

In lvl 4 the bomb room has no doorways and the walls can't be bombed to create openings. And just like Link had to walk through a wall in level 2 to get the whistle the same technique is needed here.

Lvl 8: the bomb room here is located in a devious manner and off the beaten path. Once Link reaches the room next to the 3 Dodongos guarding the triforce piece the bomb upgrade room is located four rooms in the opposite direction. More specifically bomb the south wall and head south.