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POLL: Favorite Robot Master? (Poll)
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It's so nice to see the AVGN paying homage to Mega Man 2slk_23412/19 12:55PM
Your favorite Mega Man game?fthousand812/18 5:39PM
Hardest boss order?kentuckybob712/17 11:15PM
Crash Man's stage needs more explosions (Archived)Peter_1969/14 4:19PM
Is Bubble Man's theme the most memorable song in the whole game/series? (Archived)
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Hardest moment in the game? (Archived)
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Toughest robot master to beat using only the mega buster from MM1-10 (Archived)
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Fish Man (Archived)Goombasmasher385/5 12:55PM
Is It Absolutely Impossible To... (Archived)
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Do you think that Mega Man 9 is a worthy successor to the original NES games? (Poll)slk_23312/26 1:03PM
My favorite Mega Man game (Archived)DoctorStrongBad912/17/2013
It's weird but I never picture Mega Man as a kid except in concept art and stuff (Archived)DevsBro212/5/2013
A Chill Bubbleman Theme Remake (Archived)skyrimian111/29/2013
Quick Man's stage is silly. (Archived)
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Anyone wanna race this? (Archived)
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Watch Elegy stream this game. (Archived)veralece17/5/2013
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