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How much advertising was done for Mega Man 2? (Archived)dark lancer910/4/2009
Would be cool if some of the music in this game was in Rock Band or Guitar Hero (Archived)CyberKnight510/4/2009
What is the best way to handle the 4th (?) Wily stage boss? (Archived)
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So, I just finished playing the first game... (Archived)-Hax0r-310/3/2009
Quick! Grab this evil agent of Quickman... (Archived)DDCecil19/29/2009
E Tanks? (Archived)KingJames30489/24/2009
Poll: What do you use on Woodman? (Archived)
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How do you do that glitchy flying through wall thing? (Archived)NessEggman49/11/2009
Favorite weapons? (Archived)shroom_ninja_X99/11/2009
For the next MegaMan game.......... (Archived)bigdaddydmac59/10/2009
Rebalancing the game ! (Archived)ShinWesker79/8/2009
Rockman no Constancy.... (Archived)hylianarmy109/7/2009
Favorite Boss who isnt a Robot Master or Dr. Wily? (Archived)amp88899/4/2009
New Hyadain remix: Heatman. (Archived)
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If Gutsman or Stone Man was in this game. (Archived)Exa_Man78/31/2009
I came to this board to bring u this epicness.. (Archived)Dark_Mischief18/28/2009
So is this your favorite Mega Man game? (Archived)
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wtf?! (Archived)
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Which MM1 & MM2 Robot Masters are your favorite? (Archived)Exa_Man68/17/2009
At last! At long last! (Archived)hylianarmy88/16/2009
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