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User Info: radblast

5 years ago#1
A couple great things I remember early on-getting enough E-tanks for Flame Man, both of which I used to barely beat him. I was especially pleased when, for all that effort, I also got the Rush Armor.

Using the Rush Armor to get all the secret goodies.

Finding the secret entrance in level 1 that led to 4 extra lives.

Finally finding the right area where Proto Man came and gave the Energy Balancer.

Mega Man acting surprised when he found out who Mr. X was (it was obvious in the instruction manual, it was obvoid in the intro sequence, and it was obvious in his sprite). I still can't image how Mega Man didn't know it was him, especially from the previous 5 times.

Fliptop showing up right before the final battle and giving me an E-tank, giving me 5 total.

Using all 5 E-tanks on the final Wily boss. With both of us down to our last hit in the final phase, I shot him with a Tomahawk just a split second before one of his orbs would've landed on me, ending the battle in defeat. I love how Dr. Wily achieved rule over the prison cell as well.

User Info: NessEggman

5 years ago#2
I always have done Flame Man stage first, so that is funny for me. I realized that if you stood a certain distance away from him you wouldn't get hit. Everyone else I thought was SO IMPOSSIBLE though.

I remember I thought the room with 4 extra lives was amazing. I'd always be careful to bust the block so I could look at all four of them stacked there then run through them. It was always a rush!

And yeah I always laugh when Mega Man is surprised to find out it's really Wily. It's like... how can you be so stupid? XZDDDD

Taking down Wily after a struggle right before you get killed was always a great surge of accomplishment and excitement :)

I remember how "cool" Jet Mega Man was when this game was new. It was like WOW YOU CAN FLY!!!!
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