Megaman 6 live album

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"Megaman VI" interpreted by Los Coutlers is a cover album of every level from the popular NES Game. The original midi soundtrack is performed live on Saxophone, accordion, drums and more. Many thanks to original composer Yuko Takehara and Capcom. Share and enjoy amigos!
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Oh neat. I love Mega Man remixes. Particularly ones with actual performers, like this.

Some other great MM remixes with real performers:
And everything by The Megas.
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Thanks, I haven't heard of The Megas or Game Over. Their cool. I was familiar with the Minibosses though. They've played a Megaman song before. Please share Los Coulter's new songs with friends. The full Megaman 6 album will be released soon :) with the help of a soon to happen Kickstarter fundraiser. Enjoy
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Nice tribute.
You became the boss. You are great.
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Get your copy of the album here!
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You became the boss. You are great.