Man the end of Plant Man's stage is frustrating.

#11review-guyPosted 10/23/2012 1:46:39 PM
Well, if anybody comes here, holding the jump button on Plant Man's and Spring Man's springs will always do a high jump.

I really like 7, but it's too short. There's no exploration aspect so there isn't really any reason to return to completed stages.

For 8, I still can't stop laughing at the robot masters, and I'm still amused when I stop every predictable robot in their tracks over and over again so they can't touch me. The platforming aspect seems to be less important, as the slower Mega Man can barely jump two spaces plus the abundance of puzzle solving (mostly Sword Man and Astro Man).

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#12zoogelioPosted 10/24/2012 3:08:41 PM
No exploration? Wait a minute, we are playing the same MM7 right? It has more alternate paths than any prior MM game except MM6. Look at Junk Man's stage, Shade Man's stage, Turbo Man has a little as does Slash Man.
#13misterbumPosted 11/21/2012 1:09:05 PM
Yeah, MM7 was really good about branching. I enjoyed it.
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