Is there a way to return to the previous malls ?

#1ShinWeskerPosted 3/29/2011 3:15:48 AM
Once I reach the shopping street in front of the RC High, I cannot return through the factory because the gap is too big to pass. Is there a way to return?
#2Damon PlusPosted 3/29/2011 12:24:18 PM
Yes, if you run from the right side of the screen, the character gets enough speed to jump at the top part of the screen, thus allowing youeturn to other malls.
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#3ShinWesker(Topic Creator)Posted 3/31/2011 2:51:09 AM
All right, thanks, will try that next time I play this game.

Since the board is almost dead, what are some good food items to buff your status?Which stats are most important?

I always bought the Dragon Kicks, bought stuff that adds +1 to Kicks and Egg Rolls for +3 Def.
#4Damon PlusPosted 3/31/2011 3:15:26 AM
Some importants items are the Isis scroll (gives you +20 to Throw for 20$), Texas Boots (don't remember it too well but they are some insane stats, like +60 for kicks).

The best value/dollar are the items on the second store of the game (I think it's a Bakery). They give you +1 of Strenght, Defense or Agility for each one you buy for only a dollar and then eat.

But the fun of this game is experimenting yourself.

As for the most important stats, I'd say Defense and Strenght, along with Punch Kick and Weapon (you can include Throw too). Will Power is secondary to me, and Stamina just grows with every item, so it's not really important to care for it.
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#5Pako PakoPosted 3/31/2011 10:28:04 PM
No items are really important, but they make scarfing a lot easier.

For example, the famed Texas Boots give you lots of stats... if you have them equipped. If the stat an equipment increases is maxed, food will no longer add to the stat. And I'd rather have that equipment slot for books or food. (Strangely, Isis Scrolls are "food".)

The FAQs will list which store-bound foods offer the best value for their price, but Damon is right. The cheap dollar stores (I think it's a Candy Shoppe) offer nice bonuses to speed or kick (one of them is hard to raise) -- but because you'll be grind-eating at 1-point per selection, it can be tedious and make you want to buy the $60 equipment.

I'm not a stat-freak as much as I like to buy books to learn techniques. Grand Slam (a must)) and Acro Circus (optional) being some of my favorites. The Grand Slam book is a MUST because it lets you rapid-fire weapons, which essentially multiplies your Weapon stat. And weapons are a lot bigger than fists/feet and hit people more easily.

Defense is pretty important, but Will Power is like a secondary Stamina bar. If your stamina (Health) runs out, you have a chance to turn your Will Power stats into Stamina instead of dying and losing half your wallet.
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