What are some good games that play like this?

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4 years ago#21
Faxanadu is another fun one but it should be mentioned that the jumping mechanics it has are very frustrating at times.

Also that pink shopkeeper who winks at you is a little on the creepy side haha.
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4 years ago#22
I think that it is refreshing and nice that Faxanadu wasn't over-sanitized. Medieval fantasy stories benefit from being seasoned by a wide variety of "dangerous" concepts. Makes them fun.
4 years ago#23
I'd say you'd enjoy Crystalis.
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4 years ago#24
BreakmanDX posted...
^Whoops, sorry, I have to reply to this thread for the express purpose of saying that guy had it backwards. If you can play only one, play Secret of Mana -- it's one of the best video games of all time IMHO.

One of the top 100 ever made, probably. But there are too many 'best video games ever' to honestly include it in say....a top 10/20 list, unless you were specifically looking at only one area.
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4 years ago#25
I try and avoid comparing games between generations. Zelda II is an awesome game, but how are we supposed to compare it to Twilight Princess without the risk of undercorrecting or overcorrecting for the Wii's advantages over the NES?
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4 years ago#26
Easy, you compare each to the average game of its own generation. The only things you can compare directly are those that don't change with technology.

For an NES game, AoL has a well-written story, tight controls, great gameplay, considerable depth, and high diffculty.

For a Gamecube game, TP has all of the above but its story leaves much to be desired and it has very low difficulty.

That's obviously a gross simplification but I think it gets the point across.
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4 years ago#27
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  3. What are some good games that play like this?

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