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4 years ago#1
This game is hard, especially by Zelda standards. I never owned a copy as a kid, though I had LoZ, LttP, LA and OoT and finished all but the first one without much trouble. AoL though... damn. I've started it up at least half a dozen times either on emulators or the Wii's Virtual Console, but I've never quite finished it. I usually give up after the second palace. This time around, I want to finish it. I know I have the chops for it... my biggest flaw is impatience.

So, I just started up a new run a couple of days ago. I'm playing on the VC again, because if I emulate I'm going to end up abusing save states, and I want to beat the game legitimately. Here goes.

One question - I've figured out a good way to deal with pretty much every enemy I've encountered except the red dog mohawk guys that throw axes. How do you deal with them without taking hits?
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4 years ago#2
Ah yes, the daira... (psst: they're gators, not dogs XD)

Generally I wait until they throw their axe -- at which point I jump over the axe, run forward, stab them, and back up until their next throw.

And if it's feasible, I tend to avoid them -- they ARE a pain, so if there's a way around them...
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4 years ago#3
Once you get the Downward Stab, just jump over them while stabbing and continue on your way.
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4 years ago#4
That works too... although you'll have to fight or bypass a couple before then.
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4 years ago#5
Sometimes they do their double-in-a-row throw, 90% of the time, I just can't seem to jump fast enough to avoid that, but otherwise just jump over the axe then stab them mid-air or do a crouch stab when you get close enough.
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4 years ago#6
Yes, avoid them wherever possible and pay attention to the timing of the axe throws. With most enemies, there is, if not a pattern to their throws, an opening where it is usually (but not always) safe to attack. Daira are maniacal axe-throwing gator-men; they are among the hardest enemies in the game. I also recommend Shield spell for when you are going to be taking them on. Sometimes it might be just to cast Jump and try to hop over them and run like hell away from them.

Since you're going through the game for the first time, you've seen Orange, Red, & Blue Ironknuckles, Orange, Red, and Blue Goriyas & Moblins, you've seen the Orange & Red Daira. What upgrade do you imagine a Blue Daira would have?
4 years ago#7
Blue Daira knows Thunder! XD

Seriously, though, only upgrades I can think of for blue Daira are:
(1) Axes are thrown both high and low.
(2) Axes return like Doomknocker maces.
(3) Stats are boosted even more.

Upgrade 1 likely requires drawing new grpahics, so I don't see that happening. Therefore, I'll go with 2 & 3.

And who knows? Maybe they'll become a boss.... >_> <_<
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4 years ago#8
After seeing the Orange Dairas around Death Mountain, then the Red Dairas there and around the big graveyard, I was fearing the anticipated Blue Daira, particularly because Blue Ironknuckles (e.g. Island Palace) are nasty and Orange/Red Dairas were far nastier than Ironknuckles. Needless to say, the game pulls an unexpected surprise on that front.
4 years ago#9
KeryAdams posted...
One question - I've figured out a good way to deal with pretty much every enemy I've encountered except the red dog mohawk guys that throw axes. How do you deal with them without taking hits?

Orange: Jump toward and close to them, holding down and then press B at their head. This will pop you & him back and he'll more likely miss you.
Red: Wait until he raises his hand to throw one at you. Jump over the axe and slash him, sometimes you have time to slash twice. Wait again and then do same again.

As for the question of what Blue Darias would be like. It would be like the orange one with rate he swings the axe, but like the red one, axe projectiles would fly out. So pretty much a red one that throws a lot of axes.
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4 years ago#10
Made it to the Great Palace. Found the boss after an inordinate amount of going in circles. Promptly died, but not before getting him down to about 2 bars of health. Will try again sometime this week.
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