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I have a feeling a remake is down the line. (Archived)Miken Ayers712/13/2013
Can't heal after getting last heart container (Archived)davidkennedy85612/2/2013
Can't get enough of this game! (Archived)Seferaga412/2/2013
Beat the game for the first time. (Archived)gnerdus411/21/2013
How are you supposed to find Bagu without a guide? (Archived)gnerdus411/19/2013
attempt at 2-1-1 (Archived)
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Why were Ironknuckles new when they resemble another enemy from the first game? (Archived)ChaseXtreme710/28/2013
POLL: Favorite Palace? (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Weird glitch from my youth (Archived)deviant user710/12/2013
All about keys (Archived)brennistein710/10/2013
Possibly screwed myself, any way around it? (Archived)nl25559/23/2013
Board FAQ - Look Here for Answers (Archived)brennistein99/22/2013
victory (Archived)NormnStansfield49/7/2013
Which is the best and most concise guide for this game, while covering all items (Archived)
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Leaf of Inertia (spoilers) (Archived)
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Other games like this. (Archived)GeneralFatman78/6/2013
Great Temple piano cover! (Archived)Mjollnirfalls58/1/2013
Did anyone else worry about their game when they met Error? (Archived)PostCEcret87/28/2013
Is this game hated by many, or do we just assume? (Archived)
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How rare or common is a physical cart nowadays? (Archived)HitomiKagewaki67/9/2013
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