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Cork it, Haters: The Anatomy of Love for Zelda II (Archived)
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Is it true that we can't enter the Great Palace without all 4 magic containers? (Archived)
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What stats do you complete each palace with? (Archived)Joe73ffdq77/5/2013
POLL: When do you go to Death Mountain? (Poll)zoogelio57/4/2013
Questions from a first-time player (Archived)FemmeFromMars56/28/2013
Used palace key from palace 2 in palace 3 cannot get glove.. restart? (Archived)MegamanX8X836/23/2013
Just beat the game for the first time. Feeling accomplished. (Archived)moosevolleyball56/22/2013
LoZ and AoL maps (Archived)mdl1106/18/2013
Really good game once you get over the difficulty (Archived)
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That was a funny death (spoilers) (Archived)ChaseXtreme16/9/2013
How many lives can you carry up to? (Archived)vnisanian0195/25/2013
about to start my 100th playthrough (Archived)0ofreako085/25/2013
EBAY Zelda II Prototype $30,000+ O_O! (Archived)extream201235/12/2013
Ok, I know the Link dolls don't respawn once you collect them, but... (Archived)Frieza200024/19/2013
I Love Brian McPhee, and on that note (Archived)Golden_Torizo14/18/2013
A Key Short in Eastern Palace (Archived)
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most of the music in this game (Archived)brizobst24/10/2013
Saving in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (Archived)Golden_Torizo84/5/2013
Worst. Zelda. Ever. Of All Time. (Archived)
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not doing so good here (Archived)
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