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Memories of the first time you played this game (Archived)
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What if Zelda had stuck to the 2D platforming formula? (Archived)Tribe Fan79/28/2012
rage topic (Archived)jfki11a69/25/2012
Parapa Palace missing key! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
This Game Is Getting A North American eShop Release (Archived)Transdude69/14/2012
I thought it was smart to go to the great palace... (Archived)Jamar9569/1/2012
More thoughts about magic (Archived)mitsguy200118/22/2012
Zelda Remakes (Archived)
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Zelda: Outlands question (Level 9 Quest 1, maybe minor spoiler?) (Archived)avengah88/12/2012
Orange Lizalfos trick, and endgame stuff (minor spoiler) (Archived)avengah78/8/2012
West graveyard red pot doesn't seem to respawn. (Archived)avengah48/8/2012
Creating a Zelda 2 hack? (Archived)Zzonkmiles47/20/2012
Any reason why we don't see those projectiles? (spoilers) (Archived)ChaseXtreme37/17/2012
Trouble getting the Fire spell... (Archived)RPGOverlord6157/11/2012
Check out my accomplishment! (Archived)basser220477/7/2012
I like to think that, somewhere out there, Seferaga's on a new zelda ii project. (Archived)Rei67/7/2012
A question about the Great Palace (Archived)
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stats past 8 (Archived)mrsomeguy67/1/2012
I can almost say I've owned every US release of this game. (Archived)Monoculus56/16/2012
So Zelda II does have Zoras (Archived)
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