HEEEELLLLLPPPP!!! I'm stuck at the Patrof battle on 7th Fantasy...

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8 years ago#1

OK I was playing Nati's 7th Fantasy version and got Esuna (black mage) and her partner Olvan (knight) to the battle in Patrof. At level 19, Esuna's semi-refined Magic is around 110 but the Power and Guard are only about 50 each.

....Anyway, the dictator of Patrof happens to be Wilme, and no matter what I do, I'm totally screwed when I fight him as Esuna. The 7th Fantasy version of Wilme has both Defense and Power spells to boost his stats waaaayyyy up, and Esuna's Defense 2 spell NEVER seems to work. Wilme has about 250 HP as opposed to my 100. Even with a B. Protect, he still does well over 100 damage when he attacks after boosting his power. If I just pummel him with Ice 2 without raising stats and manage to hit him every time, it's good for only about 70-90 damage, not enough to overwhelm his Heal 2 spell. Eventually he heals more than my magic hurts, then attacks and kills me in one 200-plus swipe.

This is getting really frustrating. I was getting all excited about how much easier the game was going to be with the ultra-high Magic stats and then THIS has to happen. I'll try with Olvan tomorrow, but I don't expect much luck.

I've heard on this board that the Patrof apprentice does not level up...if that's the case, then my defense, HP and Magic should be high enough to clobber Wilme in another 4, maybe 5, levels. But if not, then how do I temporarily cheat up my player's stats so I can get past this impossible battle?

8 years ago#2
Agility boosting can help, there's a B Aglty lying around in Pell so long as nobody's been editing the map. Everything has finite MP in this game, so you can run Wilme out of magic and simply dodge all his physical attacks while you finish him off. In theory.
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8 years ago#3
Yeah, I recently became aware of this problem, and I've been trying to think of how to remedy it. Part of the problem is that it seems that enemy apprentices have extra magic defense, so apprentices with poor physical stats have no recourse. One thing I thought was to give Wilme Defense1 at level 21 instead of earlier, but that doesn't completely remove the problem. Lux, who also learns Defense1, would probably pose a similar problem, but his really low agility helps with balance.

In FF1, the monks never learned magic, so I'm not sure what to do with Wilme. I really want him to have the Power spell, but that means any attack from him as an apprentice will be lethal. Any ideas?
8 years ago#4
Here's an easy solution: take healing spells away from enemy apprentices who shouldn't have them, like Wilme and Lejes.
8 years ago#5
Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. When enemy apprentices are generated, the ones who do not have healing spells are automatically given them. I don't know where in the game code this is. Sorry.
8 years ago#6
Actually, you still might be able to kill him with Esuna, though you might have to go up a level or two. There is some threshold for him to cast Heal 2, and I'm sure it's lower than 90 HP. If Ice2 can do 90 HP and you can get him to just around that much, then he won't cast Heal 2, and you'll be able to take him down in the next round. Try a combination of Ice1, Fire2, and Ice2 to get his HP into the 80-90 range, then finish him off with Ice2.

That's still not a great fix, though. Valsu has no chance against Wilme, for instance.

Oh, and by the way, Defense2 will never work on an enemy apprentice. They are considered bosses, and therefore are immune to all effect and vacuum spells. Again, nothing I can fix.
8 years ago#7

Well I'll try leveling up and hope that Wilme doesn't do the same. The good news is what Nati said, if my spells get strong enough to keep ahead of Heal 2, then I can wear him down gradually, as long as I don't run out of MP before he does.

My only possible fear is that Wilme will continue to level up and his Magic defense will rise too quickly, so that spell damage actually goes down. But I'm confident that probably won't happen.

Really, I don't think it will take very many levels. With Magic going up 6 points per level, if Wilme's magic defense does not increase, then the damage by level 2 spells should increase by about 12 points per level. So even 2 levels could make a huge difference in my spell clobbering ability.

8 years ago#8
Here's another idea for improvement: just crank up the spell damage, especially the damage from level 2 spells. They cost 4 times as much, why not give more of a marginal benefit to their potency?
8 years ago#9
Well, for one thing that would make monster spells stronger too, which will be extremely painful for characters besides Esuna and Valsu.

Can you still farm Brains near Eygus/Pell for Recvry in this hack? Those will let you last a whole lot longer.
Man has given a false importance to death. Every animal, plant, or man that dies adds to nature's compost heap.
8 years ago#10
Farming brains was the best (or silver brains). I remember doing that back in the day. What memories!
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