Stuck in the bottom of the screen Glitch?

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User Info: carlmarksguy

5 years ago#1
I'm not sure if its because I'm playing it on a "Retro Duo" system (one of the hardware emulators that plays original SNES and NES cartridges) rather than the original SNES system, but I keep getting glitched below the screen about half the time when I fling clowns at the back wall.

I think it happens when you grab someone, then move upwards across the middle of the screen, then do the UP-ATTACK button combo to fling them towards the top of the screen...

but whatever triggers it, I end up either waist-deep or shoulder-deep in the "below the bottom of the screen", so I can only see the top half, or top quarter, of Batman. And if he's shoulder-deep, he get out and I have to reset the game.

(Or in some situations, I can kill the enemies with Test Tube blasts, and scroll the screen further...but I can never get back on the screen, so eventually I stop being able to kill enemies and it's Reset-button time).

Bah! Very frustrating, because otherwise, this is a quality beat-em-up. Pirates of Dark Water is good, too, oddly enough -- does the SNES have the record for most NON-crappy licensed beat-em-ups?
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