Leveling and stats (spoilers)

#1StarionPosted 12/16/2008 6:30:45 AM
Thinking of playing this again but with the intention of being completionist about it this time. I know that in this game and BOF2, each character requires a different amount of exp to reach a certain level. Can anyone tell me or point me to a resource as to which characters are the fastest and slowest to level up? Also, how is experience gain affected if a character is in reserve or is part of a fusion? I want to see how this affects party forming strategies if I want to level everyone to the maximum.

About stats: I do remember there being permanent stat boosting items here but they were mostly just hidden in certain places. Enemies don't seem to drop them and I don't recall those special player controlled shop being able to get them either. So is it impossible to stat max in BOF1?
#2jjholtPosted 12/16/2008 8:49:14 AM
well below is what I got when I maxed out everyone. As for leveling up Bleu and Nina are fast until they get to level 42 and 46 respectively, and after they reach the next level(which can take forever) they level up at around 50k exp. per level. Gobi and Mogu are by far the fastest, while Ryu and Ox are about average in 50k to 60k, and Ox and Karn are very slow, over 60k. If a character is in a fusion they will get the exp. split among all of them, but the stats won't show up until they are unfused; and also I believe the exp each character gets will be less so if you use Puka and a full team, exp. will be split up 7 ways. Only Ryu can max out every stat, the other characters will only max out certain stats as you can see below.

ATK 511
DEF 511
ACT 240
MAG 250
INT 255
FATE 255

Level 99
EXP 3441443(needs about 3.1-3.2 mil to reach lvl 99)
HP 845
AP 581
Str. 255
Vigor 255
Agil. 255
Wisdom 255
Luck 255

Wepn EmporSD
Shld DragonSH
Armr LifeAR
Helm DragonHT
Etc. Ring
Etc. Rod5

ATK 179
DEF 364
ACT 237
MAG 249
INT 255
FATE 209

Level 99
EXP 3894337
HP 522
AP 631
Str. 97
Vigor 125
Agil. 255
Wisdom 255
Luck 209

Wepn PowerRP
Shld MaskSH
Armr ClearCL
Helm LoveHT
Etc. SkullRG
Etc. MagicRG

ATK 475
DEF 372
ACT 231
MAG 199
INT 191
FATE 152

Level 99
EXP 3808629
HP 916
AP 194
Str. 255
Vigor 255
Agil. 255
Wisdom 183
Luck 152

Wepn HeroBW
Shld [none]
Armr IcyAR
Helm HornHT
Etc. SmartRG
Etc. SilverBR

ATK 371
DEF 390
ACT 254
MAG 253
INT 255
FATE 255

Level 99
EXP 4111523
HP 718
AP 463
Str. 231
Vigor 231
Agil. 255
Wisdom 255
Luck 255

Wepn DarkDR
Shld MaskSH
Armr QuartzAR
Helm PowerHT
Etc. DreamRG
Etc. DarkBR

ATK 229 (255 with Sleeper)
DEF 413
ACT 125
MAG 221
INT 255
FATE 255

Level 99
EXP 3487604
HP 641
AP 158
Str. 145
Vigor 244
Agil. 152
Wisdom 255
Luck 255

Wepn Trident (Sleeper is best weapon)
Shld MaskSH
Armr SpineCL
Helm PowerHT
Etc. SilverBR
Etc. [none]

ATK 510
DEF 442
ACT 181
MAG 153
INT 145

Level 99
EXP 3932994
HP 804
AP 124
Str. 255
Vigor 255
Agil. 180
Wisdom 145
Luck 77

Wepn Mallet
Shld MaskSH
Armr WorldAR
Helm AgileHT
Etc. Clog
Etc. Clog

ATK 225
DEF 383
ACT 239
MAG 249
INT 255
FATE 186

Level 99
EXP 3598464
HP 668
AP 968
Str. 125
Vigor 164
Agil. 255
Wisdom 255
Luck 186

Wepn GlowCN
Shld MaskSH
Armr AgileAR
Helm CursedHT
Etc. MystSF
Etc. WindBR

ATK 385
DEF 356
ACT 243
MAG 180
INT 161
FATE 171

Level 99
EXP 3578938
HP 486
AP 203
Str. 255
Vigor 156
Agil. 255
Wisdom 161
Luck 171

Wepn MystCW
Shld StarSH
Armr EarthRB
Helm AgileHT
Etc. Sash
Etc. RubyBR
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#3Starion(Topic Creator)Posted 12/16/2008 10:44:46 AM
Thank you very much for the information. Figures the characters I use the least end up being the fastest to level up in this game.

I have a couple of questions:

1) Do your listed stats factor in those permanent stat raising items?
2) Since fusion affects the distribution of experience, is it better to level up characters fused or unfused?
#4jjholtPosted 12/16/2008 12:32:31 PM
1) the permanent ones do not affect the final result as far as I know, the game will just take away one of the stats in a level to make up for it. My stats here do show the equipped stat boosters, like Ryu can not have an attack of 511 without the Ring equipped.

2) it all depends on how you want to do it, I leveled up Ryu and Bo alone, Nina and Bleu together, and Mogu, Gobi, Ox, and Karn together. If you have Karn fused, keep in mind that it will take forever for everyone to level up; I find killing off a few characters makes you stay sane since then your characters will level up every 20 minutes vs. every hour or more. You could also have just the Puka characters alive and fight with one character while the exp is split 4 ways. Either way it'll take the same amount of time overall.
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#5Deathlike2Posted 12/19/2008 11:17:32 PM
IIRC, the EXP to level up info is the same in the GBA's port of this game (other than the soldiers though).

Also, I definately don't like a lot of those final equipment setups... for various reasons...
#6jjholtPosted 12/20/2008 12:00:14 AM
the exp. levels are the same, but in the GBA version you get twice the exp. from every enemy.
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#7Starion(Topic Creator)Posted 1/1/2009 2:37:38 PM
Now just need to level them all to 99. I have to say this game has one of the strangest leveling progression in an RPG and a look at Novalia's data confirms it. Wonder why they have that temporary huge exp requirement bump in the middle levels? it wasn't like that at all in BOF2.

Just out of curiosity, those equipment setups were chosen to max out stats rather than for overall effectiveness right? According to your FAQ, PowerHTs have those damage penalties. Also, I find that the EvilRB's 50% magic resistance works really well (since magic is more dangerous than physical attacks in this game). Considering replacing the ClearCL on Nina even though it has a ten pt. DEF advantage.
#8jjholtPosted 1/1/2009 5:42:04 PM
yeah, I chose my equipment to get the stats as high as possible. It really doesn't matter what I equip though, I could give them cloth armor and WoodSH and they'd still be untouchable even by Tyr. I had some fun with these guys by beating her to near death in her first form then making her transform and beating her without Agni again. I had to use cure on each person once, otherwise just beating her to the ground. Once they're lvl 99 it's really hard to kill them off, especially Ryu. I have to poison him and have everyone defend, but he counters every other attack and it's a one hit kill as well.
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#9assassin17Posted 1/5/2009 3:23:22 AM
see an Experience List for the game here: http://novaliaspirit.99k.org/bof/docs.html