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Retranslation treasures?Flamsterette18/25 11:24AM
Anyone who likes this game a bro that has an older brother that is 2 years apart (Archived)Darkmatter50457/23 10:19PM
Chest in Katt's room (Archived)Fwahm37/10 1:51AM
What does DreamBR do? (Archived)Fwahm36/18 4:53PM
Spell Help (Archived)Hastur8336/9 12:44AM
Magic energy tower in windia (Archived)spring20136/8 7:50PM
Order of spells in menu (Archived)Fwahm26/8 6:21PM
Where is the hint for Ryu 2nd dragon transform (Archived)spring20135/30 11:53AM
We Will Take You Down, Cross Counter battle theme vocal cover (Archived)Mjollnirfalls15/28 6:58AM
Is this game a must play? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
farthead275/28 4:10AM
The characters in this game are weird (in battle) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
VandorLee155/11 4:19AM
Stronger Monsters (second normal battle theme) cover! (Archived)Mjollnirfalls35/8 7:59AM
Another piano cover, Treasure, the victory theme. (Archived)Mjollnirfalls55/8 7:59AM
Where exactly is the N.rider island glitch (Archived)lod754/30 11:27AM
Spoilers! What's your Favorite Ending? (Archived)Elskidor64/16 5:30PM
Can stats reset after reaching a certain number? (Archived)j_coat24/7 9:48AM
Game-breaking glitch for leaving the game on too long? (Wii U version) (Archived)j_coat74/3 11:27PM
When and how to properly use Jean. *Possible Spoilers* (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
EternalSillyness303/27 3:29PM
I did a cover of Cross Counter, the first battle theme. (Archived)Mjollnirfalls33/11 9:58AM
Anyone have a stamina recipe...that doesn't require tuna? (Archived)Greysoup32/27 12:11AM
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