Uparupa Cave

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6 years ago#1
I seem to have this problem. I have been using my ZSNES for a while now but am stuck on BOF2. Trouble is, everytime I play the game now, it freezes. At the moment I have saved my location in the Uparupa cave but whenever I fight or after I've had a battle, the game freezes and am really off my head cos I'd like to play this game a bit more. If anyone has any answers, I would really appreciate it thanks. I just don't wish to start all over again and spend hours on it like I did before.
6 years ago#2
^Happens with the Snes9x too, this doesn't help much but my guess to u're problem is that you entered a Huntsville bush, brought up the sub menu to saved on a savestate and played it from there.
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6 years ago#3
I've just managed to make a few more steps closer to the entrance of the cave by using Ryu's smoke magic but it's a bummer it won't let me use it again :(
6 years ago#4
isn't the spell still in effect, if it is, then the little goblin indicating a dungeon should be purple.
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6 years ago#5
The goblin is kind of pinky-purple and I have 55AP remaining but when I select 'Smoke' it tells me "no reason to use it" and I'm only like 5-6 steps away from the entrance but every direction I go I end up in a battle :(
6 years ago#6
remember this game's encounter rate is very high, u can't expect smoke to repel monsters like on Pokémon, it's meant to lower the encounter rate.

i've also noticed that the random chances of u going in to battle is roulette type, i usually abuse savestates just to avoid battles, but i don't think it will get rid of the frustration.

But then again, the only way i know to fix this freezing problem is to save at a statue, reset and reload from that file. i dunno, even i dunno if this'll help at all.
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6 years ago#7
Is it the ROM with the cheat menu at the beginning? I had some problems with that one freezing on me in certain places, so I just got a different ROM, changed the name of my save to match the new ROM, and continued my game from there.
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6 years ago#8
It's a "zsnesw151" and it has 5 options to choose from (Cheat being 3rd/middle option) and has 'Add Code; Browse; Search' as sub options.

I downloaded this version ("Breath_of_Fire_II.zip" 1712kb - this is the current version that started to freeze in the Uparupa Cave) after having difficulty using this "Breath_of_Fire_II_(Europe)" 1706kb version as the game kept freezing before I'd even started

I dunno if any of this info may be useful to solving my problem
6 years ago#9

I pressed F4 to load my save point and went into options and selected "No" for sounds and after that I could walk freer than an armadillo lol
6 years ago#10
Well good for u, u can pat urself on the back now.
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