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Played this game a hundred times, but this is a first. (Archived)
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sakurayule111/26 5:57PM
CT Character Tier List (Archived)
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Therian_Strife181/24 9:26AM
Interesting fact about the Third Eye. (Archived)Mauron81/21 6:08AM
Prism Helm says "locks status"? What does that mean? (Archived)samuricex21/15 3:33PM
Stuck on stairs after returning to millenial fair (Archived)psykomantis200321/13 11:46AM
For any who play the "QuizUp" trivia app, I just suggested a CT topic (Archived)Rocky241871/10 11:10AM
Favourite ending and why? (BIG SPOILERS) (Archived)Calmlander41/10 5:22AM
SNES, PS1 or DS? (Archived)Mega_Beedrill61/10 5:19AM
The Crimson echoes/Flames of eternity project... (Archived)jenrais81/9 6:40AM
Frog Squash / Frog Flare / Grand Dream (Archived)Calmlander51/4 4:24AM
Tom Slattery admits he didn't have enough time to make a perfect translation (Archived)W_Mark_Felt_Sr41/2 8:49AM
Just a little sidelong Personal Opinion. (Archived)VARidley312/31 4:20AM
Never played this game before...Virtual Console or DS Remake? (Archived)
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celltf1512/31 2:45AM
What happen if you end the game with only 4 characters? (SPOILERS) (Archived)Calmlander812/31 1:23AM
Who's your favorite party member? (Poll)
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OrangeCrush9803912/25 7:11PM
VERY good facts about a powerful weapon! (Spoilers included!!!) (Archived)VARidley512/23 5:55PM
A question about the Eva. % stat. (Archived)DiaboliCalico312/16 11:44PM
last night, I dreamed playing this game (Archived)bybyr312/8 10:21PM
Just finished this epic game... (Archived)GodofLaziness211/19 7:40PM
New sprites (Archived)IHBP711/13 10:04PM