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Been playing through chrono cross (Archived)Julia_Jules68/5 6:28PM
Is Flea male or female? (Archived)
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HeroicSomaCruz148/2 11:15AM
maxing stats? (Archived)
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unknownleon118/2 5:57AM
Unable to get 3rd ending (Archived)ThisNameWasTook57/26 6:05PM
How did we know Marle was the love interest way back in 1995? *Spoilers* (Archived)
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Stover46227/24 1:08PM
Is knowing who the final boss is a big deal (spoilers) (Archived)EPICBOAT97/24 12:54PM
Just bought this game on the Wii VC. (Archived)
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Nath1343207/14 2:09PM
My favorite party (Archived)
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PhantoGuy157/12 4:49AM
Looks like Marlee took the slow train from philly. (Archived)BatmantheTroll47/10 3:34PM
Party members in order of best to worst? (Archived)
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discodancer77277/9 2:06PM
Went to 65000000 bc at the wrong time (Archived)Sega959977/8 11:48AM
How can I jump into the Vortex Pit? (Archived)thfirefly46/28 8:45AM
Is the optional dungeon worth buying the game for? (Archived)MajinBalthier36/27 7:45PM
Oh. My. Gosh. *SPOILERS for today's Top 10* (Archived)LinkSamus366/19 1:26AM
Memories of Green (Archived)tablue56/17 4:15PM
Do you use walkthroughs when you play an rpg for the first time? (Archived)
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LenKagamine91166/5 9:54AM
Boss Battle theme in NES instruments (Archived)
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Doby_G165/30 3:07PM
Reading recent Chrono Trigger book, learned something interesting (SPOILERS) (Archived)
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Rocky2418325/29 7:55AM
Can you beat the Black Omen AND crash the epoch? (Archived)
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Da-Big-Boss125/14 2:22PM
So, about Chrimson Echoes... (Archived)Da-Big-Boss55/6 7:32PM