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Still my favorite game ever. (Archived)terrysmay0433/13 1:10AM
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Chrono Trigger pre-release (Archived)
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Rozzbane183/11 12:20AM
Was anyone else freaked out by the sound of Lucca's time machine malfunctioning? (Archived)
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slk_23133/6 7:15PM
Technique Damage Calculator? (Archived)SyntheticFrost43/3 8:08PM
My wife just scored a copy of this at Goodwill for 3.99 (Archived)
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bossk5133/3 5:31PM
If they pulled a Final Fantasy IV... (Archived)quittaboi7872/18 11:10PM
"Who's Crono's father?": A Theory (Archived)mastersam400042/16 12:04AM
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Did Zeal only float because of Lavos? *Spoilers* (Archived)Stover4632/15 11:26AM
Flames of Eternity confusion. (Archived)Kid_Emo82/12 1:45PM
Why did the Spoilers help the party after the Ocean Palace? (Archived)Stover4672/8 7:49PM
Other games with this exact combat-style? (Archived)
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JasonBarr142/7 8:32AM
Has anybody seen this image of Chrono Trigger characters as Futurama characters? (Archived)slk_2362/4 7:39PM
Healing techs with maximun power...? (Archived)
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Calmlander142/4 2:34PM
Starting this game soon (PSN) (Archived)Riku99482/3 10:15PM
Rainbow Shell script typo? Spoilers (Archived)
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ArgaiRonso122/1 12:51AM
Just came into a copy.. (Archived)krillin455321/31 1:47AM
Played this game a hundred times, but this is a first. (Archived)
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sakurayule111/26 6:57PM