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Can you duplicate these items when going to a New Game+? (SPOILERS) (Archived)ldelfino34/6 12:14PM
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Matsuda: "We are interested in reviving our older franchises, including Chrono" (Archived)W_Mark_Felt_Sr34/1 8:18PM
Aren't you glad that Lucca's Theme isn't used as the victory song after battles? (Archived)slk_2393/31 2:39PM
Best place to grind to **? (Archived)satsunohadouryu103/30 3:25PM
Can't get Crono... Epoch Glitch... Code Solution Anyone?? (Archived)Gamingway22243/25 12:27PM
Does this game have the greatest OST of all time? (Poll)
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TimeShinigami443/24 12:12AM
questions (Archived)unknownleon63/17 6:15PM
just beat this for the first time (Archived)mooreandrew5863/13 9:13AM
marle glitch!! really cool (Archived)VARidley83/7 7:56AM
Just got this. (Archived)
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m_robbins123/1 2:23AM