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cat army (Archived)
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Accessory based Triple Techs (possible end game spoilers) (Archived)Jerbsinator26/27/2008
Bike Mini Game Prize (possible Spoilers) (Archived)Jerbsinator16/27/2008
Son of Sun Question? (Archived)BGrem26166/27/2008
Any permanently miss-able items in this game? (Archived)
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Ayla's song like you've never heard it before (Archived)Flash2Beasley16/27/2008
What's the diference between "Protects Status" and "Locks Status"? (Archived)Peter_1926/27/2008
Problem with Fire Zone and Max Cyclone Techs (Archived)MrGuy025026/26/2008
Well, my game reset (minor spoilers) (Archived)washingsolution46/26/2008
Looking for a new playthrough (Archived)VgtReborn56/26/2008
Soft reset? (Archived)CitizenCraig36/25/2008
Another mystery for the Compenduim folks: Lucca's Twenty Days in the Past (Archived)
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All I want is a remake with better graphics and sounds. (Archived)Soul_Devour56/25/2008
Final Boss Glitch - Spoilers (Archived)PeterSvensson16/25/2008
Game Informer (Archived)TimothyTidwell106/24/2008
Golem twins (Not what you think) (Archived)respondtome36/24/2008
could square sue me? (Archived)
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Hardest Boss Fight in Magus' Castle wasnt Magus... spoilers... does that matter? (Archived)BGrem26176/24/2008
least favorite part? (Archived)
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Is there any chance in hell that this game will be released on Wii VC? (Archived)Jerbsinator36/23/2008