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Probably old (Archived)Doomikazi36/10/2008
How does Chrono Cross compare to this? (Archived)
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Just bought this on eBay; what should I expect? (Archived)
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Chrono Trigger inspired game to be released on the DS (Archived)
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is it necessary to beat the sidequests before beating the final boss? (Archived)rowleyfan300076/10/2008
About to face the Golem twins.. (Archived)rowleyfan300056/9/2008
Fighting the last boss, what level should my characters be at? (Archived)rowleyfan300036/9/2008
Best equipment set for each character? (Archived)bubbleking266/9/2008
Just got this game (Archived)
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What weapons stays with you for new game+ (Archived)Redknight746/8/2008
ya i just bought this game (Archived)
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Sidequest question (SPOILERS) (Archived)POPWW326/7/2008
How many of you wouldn't be playing RPG's if it weren't for this game? (Archived)Yzak_Joule106/7/2008
Dont want to be overpowered (SPOILERS) (Archived)
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which system should i buy it for?... (Archived)SnottFather56/6/2008
Pronunciations... (Archived)
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There is one big flaw in CT. (Archived)
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Is the playstation version the same as NES version? (Archived)Inkadink86/6/2008
Virtual Console? (Archived)SoulofMikau36/5/2008
I played the game through 12 times (Archived)JanusCyrus106/5/2008