Attn: DragonUser84--Persistent Attack Bonus / Character Sheet Problem

#1hfrankPosted 3/7/2009 8:10:30 AM
The NWN v.1.3 patch was supposed to have corrected the problem of the NWN character sheet showing incorrect attack bonuses for weapon created with the Aurora toolset. Thought you'd like to know that it still shows up in v.1.69. I created a weapon to emulate the one carried by my PnP version of the character. It has +2 attack bonuses against specific groups (e.g., outsiders), and the attack bonuses are correct when the weapon is EXAMINED in the game. But on the character sheet, the attack bonus shows up as a -2 attack penalty. FYI I am using NWNToolset Version vts030.

Do you know enough about the NWN engine to guess whether this is just a glitch on the character sheet or whether combat outcomes are computed using the incorrectly shown AB numbers?

Harry Frank
Ann Arbor, MI / Red River, NM