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Zhao Tai's 10th weapon

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8 years ago#1

I can't seem to kill Wu Tugu and Meng Huo quickly enough to actually keep the 10th weapon that I earn by getting to Meng Huo. I've had no trouble staying alive, but Lu Xun keeps dying on me during my fights with Meng Huo.

Does anybody have any advice? I'm Rank 1 right now (not MAX), so I only have 3 item slots. I've been using them for Tiger Amulet (for fast killing), Peacock Urn (for poison marsh fighting), and Wind Scroll (to scratch those hard to reach places and elephant riders). Level 4 Vorpal Orb. Red Hare saddle.

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8 years ago#2
You could try it with a friend, they could use Lu Xun so he wouldn't die before you get the weapon.
8 years ago#3
Who is this Zhao Tai you speak of?
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8 years ago#4
It is a tough one. I've done it a few times, and every time it's just been by going for it. Once you enter the main camp and get the weapon Lu Xun's fate is sealed, he is going to die. So you have to work fast.
Kill Wu Tugu and.... King Duosi? (it's been a while...) as fast as you possibly can, and save. If you think you could've killed them faster, start again. Then storm in, get Meng Huo off his shoopuf and tear him apart as quick as you can, making good use of Zhou Tai's officer-shredding musou. Just speed and luck will win the day.
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8 years ago#5
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