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-If not, check the FAQS.

-If you REALLY canít find the answer here, OR the FAQS, only then will you ask the board.

This topic aims to answer the MOST EXTREMELY asked questions, that the Sapphire Board has to keep answering. This topic will probably give you most of your answers. If you have trouble understanding the answer, then ask the board to clarify.


(*) : Indicates a person that can be found in this topic.
(**) : Indicates an item that can be found in this topic.
(***) : Indicates a pokemon that can be found in this topic.
(****) : Indicates place that can be found in this topic.

Here are the CONTENTS. Use Control-F to jump easily to where you want :


2. Most frequently asked ITEMS.
3. Most frequently asked PEOPLE.
4. Most frequently asked POKEMON.

5. Difficulty with BATTLING.
6. Difficulty with CAPTURING.
7. Difficulty with ENCOUNTERS.


-Mossdeep Space Station
-Mossdeep Locked Door
-Nintendo Events



These are the contents. Some contents may be connected to others. So it will be WISE to FOLLOW-UP on other contents, which you may find useful in the future.


Q1. Why did you write this EFAQ (Extremely Frequently Asked Questions) ?

Well, the board was getting way too many questions about the same thing. Usually, the answer can be found in one of the FAQS, but I thought that I might as well give the an easier way, and prevent them from annoying the board.

I also usually get into arguments over helping people, so I thought I might as well save myself, and others, the trouble XD

Q2. What can I expect this EFAQ to cover ?

It will answer most of the simple questions that the board recieves. It will cover Items, People, Pokemon, etc, etc. It simply covers a whole field of Extremely Frequently Asked Questions.

Q3. Who are you ?

I am a regular on this board. Although my name is Jeff_F , Iím actually known as Legend_Player. By short, legend. Donít ask how this shift of names came about.

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CONTENTS 2 : Most frequently asked ITEMS :

This list is in alphabetical order. So I doubt you can miss what youíre looking for. Again, use Control-F to jump to the item you want to find. However, scanning the list wonít take much time either, and lessens the chance of you missing what youíre looking for.


At Mauville, go to one of the houses with a woman in it, and trade a Harbor Mail with her. She shall give you the Coin Case in return.

2. DIG :

If you happen to lose the TM Dig, not all is lost. There are two pokemon who learn it naturally by level up. Nincada and Trapinch.


Used to be given out at Nintendo Events. But these no longer exist. So the ONLY TWO ways to receive it is by getting one from a friend or E-bay, or by cheating for it using a Gameshark / AR Device. See Cheats for more information.


A Fisherman on Route 118 has it. If you take a quick look around, you will find him. Talk to him, and he will give you the rod.


Is sold in the Pokemart in Slateport. NOT the baazar. Iíve met people who have searched the bazaar to and from, to find it. Itís in the POKEMART, not bazaar.


Donít lose heart if you seem you cannot find anymore heart scales. Wild Luvdiscs have a 50% chance of holding one, when you fish for them.


You can get the master ball at Team Aquaís hideout in Lilicove. However, be forewarned that if you have already finished the hideout, and have gone to the Underwater Cavern, then you can never get it again.

The ONLY other way you can get it is if you can get six matches at the Lilicove lottery, which is almost next to impossible, unless you have traded pokemon with a lot of DIFFERENT people.


Go to the Contest Center in Slateport City. A little girl near the front desk, has the pokeblock case. Talk to her, and she will give it to you.


At Mauville, go to one of the houses with a man in it. He has the TM Rock Smash. Talk to him, and he will give it to you.


Found in the Abandoned Ship. Give to Captain Stern.* He will trade it with you for either a Deepseatooth or Deepseascale.

11. SURF :

After you defeat Norman at the 5th gym, talk to Wallyís Father.* He will give you the HM Surf, which you can use to cross the water near East Mauville, to continue the game.

12. SHARDS :

The following pokemon have a 5% chance of holding the following shards, when you capture them Shards can be traded with the Mosdeep Hunter (lives a little west off Mosdeep), for Stones.**

Clamperl -> Blue shard
Relicanth -> Green shard
Corsola -> Red shard
Chinchou -> Yellow shard

13. STONES :

- Fire Stone -> Found behind the boulders in the Fiery Path.
- Leaf Stone -> Found on Route 119.
- Moon Stone -> Found in Meteor Falls. Wild Lunatones also have 5% of holding it.
- Sun Stone -> Found at the Mosdeep Space Station.****
- Thunder Stone -> Found in New Mauville.****
- Water Stone -> Found in the Abandoned Ship.

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CONTENTS 3 :Most extremely asked PEOPLE :

This list is in alphabetical order. So I doubt you can miss what youíre looking for. Again, use Control-F to jump to the person you want to find. However, scanning the list wonít take much time either, and lessens the chance of you missing what youíre looking for.

1. BRINEY Ė Dissappears after you beat Norman. Get Surf** to water travel.

2. CAPTAIN STERN Ė You can give the Scanner** to him at the Slateport Harbor.

3. MOVE DELETER Ė He is in a house in Lilicove City.

4. MOVE RELEARNER (TUTOR) Ė He is in a house in Fallabor Town.

5. MOVE TUTOR Ė Often confused with the above, he is NOT in this game.

6. WALLACE Ė Found at Sootsopolis City, AFTER finding Kyogre***.

7. WALLYíS FATHER Ė He is in a house in Petalburg City.

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CONTENTS 4 : Most frequently asked POKEMON :

This list is in alphabetical order. So I doubt you can miss what youíre looking for. Again, use Control-F to jump to the person you want to find. However, scanning the list wonít take much time either, and lessens the chance of you missing what youíre looking for.


Found in the grass at the SUMMIT of Mt Pyre. Itís encounter rate is 1% . So you have to be patient when trying to encounter it. Can take hours, can take minutes.


Is found in 6 out of the 400 water tiles on Route 118 to 120. A tile is the space that your character fills.

These location of these tiles change everytime time Dewford Phrase changes. There is no certain phrase to get an easy location of tiles. As the Dewford Phrase changes, the tiles change RANDOMLY.

Even if you donít change the Phrase yourself, it will change by itself over time. So catch a female feebas, and breed additional feebas if you need.

Use the OLD ROD. It allows for instant fishing, and it also prevents Carvanhas from being caughts. So combined, this rod will save a considerable amount of time.


Trade from Ruby or Emerald.


You will meet him for the 1st time in the underwater cavern (dive around Sootsopolis). After that, you will meet him at the Cave of Origin in Sootsopolis City. That is where you will get to battle him, and hopefully catch him.

DONíT waste the Master Ball on him. Instead use Ultra balls, and if the battle gets really long, use Timer Balls.

You can make him easier to catch if you freeze him or put him to sleep. But these will not last the whole battle, so paralyzation works better.


Check the TV in the living room of your Momís house, after you defeat the Elite 4 for the 1st time. But it doesnít matter if you miss this the 1st time.

After you do that, you will need to register Latias in your pokedex. To do that, you need to encounter him for the 1st time. But this will be completely random. Simply travel around in the wild, the sea, etc, and you will be bound to run into him soon.

After he is registered, you can use the pokedex to find his location. NOTE : Everytime, you FLY, he will change his location. So hunt him down by bike and such. NOTE : Everytime you enter his route, he will USUALLY move to a nearby route. So, try and Ďcornerí him, so that you can get him in your location.

Once you two are in the same route, search for him in the grass/water/etc. Use a repel to prevent any lower leveled wild pokemon from being encountered. NOTE : Latias is Lvl 40, so your lead pokemon should be lvl 40, if you intend to use repel.

Once you encounter him USE THE MASTERBALL. If you donít have one, then you will HAVE to use the move Mean Look to prevent him from running. If so :

You can make him easier to catch if you freeze him or put him to sleep. But these will not last the whole battle, so paralyzation works better. However, Latias can heal himself with his Refresh move. Again, use ultra balls on him, or timer if itís a long battle.

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Trade from Ruby or Emerald, or sail on the S.S Tidal to the Southern Island via the Eon Ticket**


Found at Sky Pillar. Sky Pillar is only open AFTER you beat the Elite 4. To get to Sky Pillar, fly to Pacifidlog Town. Now surf up to the north, till you are as far top, as you can get. Now start surfing east, but sticking north, and you will eventually reach a place where you can start surfing north, and if you follow this surfing path, you will eventually reach an island. On this island, is Sky Pillar.

Rayquaza is all the way at the top. You need the Mach Bike to get to the top, since every alternate floor has cracks that break when you walk over them. You have to ride fast, without stopping, to get over them.

DONíT use the Master Ball on him. Here is how you catch him : Reduce his HP, to just red. This because he uses Outrage and gets himself confused, or just in case its a long battle, and he starts struggling. You have to alternate, hurting him, with using the move taunt. This will prevent him from using Rest.

Start alternating ultra balls with taunt, until Rest PP is wasted. Then start chucking continous balls at him. Have timer balls ready, if the battle truns out to be long, and youíre running low on ultra balls.

8. REGIS :

Read the Regi FAQ for this board. Itís detailed, and pretty easy to follow. Hereís the link:


Either dive in Route 124 or 126. Search the sea grass. There is only a 5% chance of encountering one, so have patience, and keep looking.


When you evolve Nincada, make sure you have one empty spot on your party. So when Nincada evolves, it will evolve into ninjask, and your empty spot will be filled with another pokemon- Shedinja. NOTE : You do not need a spare pokeball, for this to work.

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CONTENTS 5 : Difficulty with BATTLING :

There a few things you can do to improve your chances in winning ANY battle. However, it also depends a bit on luck, as well as perseverance and determination :

1. Make sure your pokemon is at least equal in level to the pokemon your battling. You donít need to go overboard. Jusr equality is enough.

2. Make sure you have versatile moves. Make sure your pokemon can utilize strong moves of the same type as the pokemon itself. If that is right, then have strong moves of other types. Donít waste move slots with moves of the same type, unless they have some special effect Ė Status problem, Cannot miss, Above 100 Power.

3. Make sure you have a versatile team. Have different type pokemon. This way you have different options to switch to, to help you win. Also make sure your pokemon are mostly around the same level. Donít neglect training other pokemon on your party.

4. Make sure you know what your enemyís weaknesses are. That way you know what you need to sue to make winning easier. Donít pointlessly waste moves / pokemon, unless you think you can save PP that way.

5. If you can AFFORD it, carry these items at all times : HP Recovery Items, Healing Items, PP Recovery Items. Once you are at the ELITE 4, make sure you have these items : 20 Hyper Potions, 20 Lava Cookies, 10 Leppa Berries, 5 Revives, 1 Full Restore.

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CONTENTS 6 : Difficulty with CAPTURING :

There a few things you can do to improve your chances to catching ANY pokemon. However, it also depends on luck, but most importantly -> determination, perseverence, and PATIENCE :

1. Use Ultra Balls and Timer Balls. Donít use anything else. Ultra Balls have the highest capture rate. Timer Balls may even have a higher rate, if used after a long time has passed since the battle started. Donít waste your money on other balls, since theyíre INFERIOR.

2. Inflict a Status Effect. Freezing and Sleeping are the best. They make pokemon easier to catch. However they tend to wear off, and have to be used repeatedly. Which is why I think paralyzation works better, even though itís inferior in terms of making the capture rate higher. Paralyzation, if not healed, lasts the whole match. Burning and Poisoning donít count, since they eventually faint the pokemon.

3. Keep Trying. This is where luck comes in. Even if it seems hopeless, keep trying. Who knows what might happen ? You may capture a pokemon in 10 minutes. Or it might take 10 days. Donít complain. Itís all about determination and perseverance.

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CONTENTS 7 : Difficulty with ENCOUNTERS :

Yes, some pokemon may be hard to find. But arenít some of them worth the effort ? Also remember, you need to be PATIENT. You need determination and perseverance. There are a few things you can do to make finding pokemon easier :

1. Use Sweet Scent outside battle. It will increase your chances for running into pokemon. It may not increase your chances for finding a CERTAIN pokemon, but itís better to save time when running around, no ?

2. Use the White Flute. That will also increase your chances for running into pokemon. Like the previous tip, it will not increase your chances for finding a CERTAIN pokemon, but as stated previously, it will save time when running around.

3. When FISHING, try and use the Old Rod as MUCH as possible, unless a certain pokemon requires the other 2 rods. The Old Rod saves time, since it Ďinstantlyí encounters pokemon when it finds one.

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This section discuss rumours and other details on the following places. Remember, there is NOTHING else that these places have, other than the ones stated below :


The Mossdeep has only two purposes. You can get the Sun Stone there**. And it also tells you how many weeks youíve been playing. A person in the space station gives you the Sun Stone**. And every Ďlaunchí that the scientists states, corresponds to one week of playing.

That is all. You CANNOT get Jirachi or Deoxys in this game, by going to the Space Station and taking a flight to the moon. That is just a RUMOUR. Other than the two reasons stated above, there is NOTHING else that the Space Station provides.


First of all, you should have an E-Reader. If you do, use it to swipe the card that came with the game. That is if you did get a card with the game.

So if you have got and done all this, you will get to battle a trainer behind the door. The trainer differs, depending on the card you got. You get nothing out of this battle, other than what you would expect from any other battle.

That is all there is to the Locked Door. NOTHING else. There is no rare pokemon or anything behind that door. Especially not Mew. Other than the reason stated above, the Locked Door in Mosdeep provides nothing else.


They no longer exist. So the items and pokemon you could gain from such events, you will have to get another way. Check E-bay, or ask a friend. Sorry to dissapoint.


Some pokemon need to be traded to complete the pokedex. This maybe to obtain pokemon from other generations, or game-exclusive pokemon. Ut is also used to EVOLVE certain pokemon. It Trading can also be used to obtain items and rare pokemon from your friends and such. However, there are restrictions :

The following games CANNOT trade TO Sapphire :

2. RED



The following games CANNOT trade FROM Sapphire :

2. RED


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Well, there ends my FAQ. Hopefully, you will have found your answer here. If not, please browse the FAQS, before troubling our board. But feel free to ask, if you need to CLARIFY something. You can always find me on the board. Simply call me out.

However, also feel free to contribute anything, from jokes, to media, to debates, and ideas And it doesnít neccecerily need to be about Sapphire. It doesnít even have to be about Pokemon. I like to keep Sapphire hot XD

-Thanks to the Sapphire board for their feedback.

-Special thanks to bearzrnyce and Ragnarok_Soul for contributing to this EFAQ.

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