HP ice, fire water???

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8 years ago#1
What is mean't by "HP fire" etc, does it mean hidden power fire? and how would you be able to change types???!?
8 years ago#2
yes, HP does indeed stand for hidden power and no, you can't change the type of the move because the IVs of the pokemon determine what type of move it is in the first place. also because you can't change IVs either
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8 years ago#3
So which IVs change the element of HP's damage? like high ????? gives you HP ice or something? Can anyone list which HP moves come after which Ivs?
8 years ago#4
IV's determine the type and power of HP, yes. It's takes a long time to get a good HP type with a good HP power, and also HP is mostly used in battle simulators, such as Shoddy or Netbattle, where you can set your IV's rather than luck out.
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8 years ago#5
So I should forget it? The only good type imo would be HP ice/electric/grass for Fire pokes, Ice for Dragon, Elec/Grass for water/flying/rock/ground.

On a different note is Sandslash good? would it be worth breeding for Rock Slide/Swords Dance? It would have good moves (Rock Slide, Swords Dance, Strength (or Slash) and some ground move) but what about stats?

What are some other good pokemon? I have Sceptile, Vibrava (going to evolve) and soon Starmie. Would a Skarmory with Drill Peck be good? Is there any way of getting a Snorlax, or do I need F/red L/green?

Sorry about all the questions.
8 years ago#6
Yeah, mainly fire types use either HP grass or Ice if they use it at all.

And Sandslash is good ingame, but kinda meh competitively. Swords Dance and Rock Slide are extremely useful.

Skarmory with drill peck works, and yeah, you need FR/LG to get a snorlax.

The main thing to remember is that ingame, anything works. Feel free to choose whoever you want. Unless it's competitive, in which case some things don't work, but from the look of your posts it looks like it's ingame.
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8 years ago#7
Okay, but what influences HP's Type/power?
like if your def iv is 30 and you attack is less then 20 you get ghost or something?
8 years ago#8
it's impossible to list all the possible combinations of IVs and the resulting type and power of Hidden Power. Any competent IV calculator will tell you, after you input all your pokemon's values, what their type and power is
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Keep in mind that the IV output will have to be 100% precise to get the proper reading. It's a good idea to at least know what type it is before hand because I've have IV calcs be 1 point off in a single IV and give a completely wrong HP and power all together.
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