Leaf Green Or Emerald?

#1iamnot12Posted 5/6/2009 3:23:39 PM
Can they trade with Sapphire? Which ones better? Which ones newer?
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#2kirbymuncherPosted 5/6/2009 5:44:24 PM
Both can trade with Sapphire.

Emerald is better by itself, but it is very similar to sapphire. Since I assume you have sapphire already, you might want to go with leafgreen. whatever.
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#3Tanooki_YoshiPosted 5/6/2009 7:20:30 PM
Yeah, as Kirby said, you're better off getting Leaf Green. Sapphire is nearly identical to Emerald except for some extras in Em. With LG you can collect a lot of the classic 1st gen Pokemon that Emerald doesn't have. Plus, it is the only game last gen that had Slowpoke if that means anything.

And, yeah, by itself, Emerald certainly is the best version between all 3 versions (R/B/E).

Hey, anyone on here know if Nintendo really is going to do a remake of G/S/C? Or is this just an internet rumor that got blown out of proportion?

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#4iamnot12(Topic Creator)Posted 5/6/2009 8:12:33 PM
So does EM have better gameplay or does Leaf Green I could careless about older pokemon, and what are the starters in EM, in less EM is the same story line and gyms.
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#5bearzrnycePosted 5/6/2009 9:31:15 PM
emerald has the same starters as sapphire, its basically like a tweaked sapphire for the better. you'd essentially be playing the same game if you got both emerald and sapphire.

leaf green has a different plot line and different starters.

and mathias? its just an internet rumor blown way out of proportion, there's no real solid proof of a ds gsc remake. everybody is just going off the fact that they were pointing at a gold and silver balloon. we'll find out on the 10th exactly what the announcement is.
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#6amp888Posted 5/7/2009 3:34:03 AM
Emerald has the Battle Frontier, which is an excellent extra. I say, if you have the money, get both! Both Emerald and LeafGreen have one use move tutors that teach moves that have become hard to get otherwise. If you care about competitive battling, get Emerald, since the Frontier also has reusable Move Tutors who will teach a variety of moves infinity times each. Emerald can also acquire Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza, and whichever Lati you want, and has the cloning glitch. Ultimately, its up to you, so get whichever you think has the most appealing extras. I would say Emerald, since you stated you dont care about catching first gen Pokes.
#7iamnot12(Topic Creator)Posted 5/7/2009 1:49:57 PM
Now then LeafGreen or FireRed?
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#8shadowKIRBYPosted 5/7/2009 4:17:02 PM
no difference really... just different pokemon availability. You could go research which pokes are in which version, but there really isn't a big enough difference. It's a matter of preference at this point.
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#9shadowKIRBYPosted 5/7/2009 10:14:41 PM
Here is the different pokemon in fire/leaf.

Credit to Preyheart. This is copied directly out of his faq topic on the fire/red board.

Ekans, Arbok, Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume, Bellossom, Psyduck, Golduck, Growlithe, Arcanine, Shellder, Cloyster, Electabuzz, Elekid, Scyther, Scizor, Wooper, Quagsire, Murkrow, Qwilfish, Delibird, Skarmory

LeafGreen: Sandshrew, Sandslash, Vulpix, Ninetales, Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Victreebel, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Slowking, Staryu, Starmie, Magmar, Magby, Pinsir, Azurill, Marill, Azumarill, Misdrevous, Sneasal, Remoraid, Octillery, Mantine

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#10ShadowKaiserinPosted 5/18/2009 4:57:55 AM
Yes, Heart Gold and Soul Silver should be out in the US Some time next year. Go to Serebii.net and see for yourself.