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6 years ago#1
deserve evolutions in the next Gen. WHO'S WITH ME!!!!!!!



I know the names are stupid, but give your opinions
any statement above is the product of an unstable mind, take caution when quoting
6 years ago#2
The next Gen came already , your out of luck, maybe in the 5th which is in the late stages of developement now
Raikou the Thunder Tiger strikes again
6 years ago#3
Your mom's a Jewelgazer.;; I <3 glory of power metal. ^_^
6 years ago#4
^LOL! Wow, Val! I would've never expected something like that from you. Perhaps Ryan or I, but totally not you. That just makes it all the funnier ;)
"I'm gonna spank you, monkey!" ~Jimmy, Ape Escape 2
6 years ago#5
Maybe its Ryan, using her computer again
Raikou the Thunder Tiger strikes again
6 years ago#6
What, can't I say something funny without it being assumed that I'm actually him? D:<

Thank you for the compliment, Fias, and I hate you Raikou. And I hate you more Ryan,. :'(;; I <3 glory of power metal. ^_^
6 years ago#7

From: QTx314159 | #003
Your mom's a Jewelgazer.

Good one Ryan. I lol'd
I would be genuinely terrified if they were motivated by an embarrassing hockey defeat. - BMoorman
6 years ago#8
I'M RUNNING AWAY.;; I <3 glory of power metal. ^_^
6 years ago#9
Don't do that, Ryan! We love you!
6 years ago#10
Oh come on Val, don't hate me just because I think your normally above such comments. It just shows my respect for you.
Now let's Kiss and make up ^_^
Raikou the Thunder Tiger strikes again

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