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5 years ago#1

1.Must catch the first pokemon seen on route.
2. No legendaries.
3.Only 1 pokemon per route, if killed, no pokemon on the route.
4.Cannot buy items.
5.All pokemon must be nicknamed.
6.If a pokemon faints it will be put it a box called grave and can no longer be used.
7.IF all pokemon die then you get a gameover.
Don't Drink and Drive, Smoke and Fly! :D
5 years ago#2

This is the story of a young 14 year old boy by the name of Nick Birch. Ever since he was a child, he had the ability to talk to and understand pokemon. But when all the kid's in his 5th grade class found out, they acted like he was weird and no one would talk to him. His life at home isn't too great either. His mother is dead, and is dead is pokemon professer and is doing field work all day, and is never home. But one day, a 13 year old girl named May Flutz moves next door to Nick in the small town of LittleRoot, and all of Nick's life gets turned upside down.
Don't Drink and Drive, Smoke and Fly! :D
5 years ago#3
Whoops, "and his dead" is supposed to be and his dad MB.
Don't Drink and Drive, Smoke and Fly! :D
5 years ago#4
Post this on the Emerald Social Board, all the Nuzlockers are there and it's off-topic here.

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