So, has anyone been playing pokemon?

#1gbchaosmasterPosted 1/24/2012 7:14:35 AM
If so, which game and team?

I'm still doing my uber-for-kicks playthrough on Emerald as I write my fanfic (yes, the new chapter is slowly but surely being written! blame hectic January).

Team at Mt. Chimney, levels around 20-22:
Ho-oh - Rock Smash, Secretpower, Safeguard, Steel Wing
Lugia - Rock Smash, Whirlwind, Safeguard, Shock Wave
Mewtwo - Confusion, Barrier, Disable
Kyogre - Water Pulse, Scary Face, Ancientpower, Body Slam
Rayquaza - Dragon Claw, Scary Face, Ancientpower, Twister
Groudon - Mud Shot, Slash, Ancientpower, Cut

I'm also leaning more and more towards getting Black or White. I've been thinking about a team to use, and these are some of what I have in mind:

Something to fly with >_>

* - definite (but they'll all depend on availability later)
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In addition to the first post, what other games have you been playing?

Since I got a new graphics card for my PC (which made me jump with joy) I have been playing a lot of games I was unable to in the past.

Currently playing GTA4, Skyrim (I hear Val is quite the fangirl), Bioshock and Lineage 2 (with RL friends). Also beat Portal (which I had been dying to do! And can't wait to get portal 2!)

Let's hear it... Sapphirians.
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On the pokemon side of things:

Still trying to learn 5th gen UU
Looking for a new ingame challenge run (tempted to do no-healing FRLG, though suggestions are appreciated)


League of Legends (very good game, but I think I'm addicted or something)
Minesweeper (inb4LOL)
Metroid Prime (just starting replaying for some reason)
Touhou 12.3: (random video I searched up since I doubt any of you know what I'm talking about <_<)
#4ElectrokinesisPosted 1/24/2012 9:04:12 AM
I think I'm at the weather institute.

My team:
- Blaziken Lv.42 (Flamethrower, Double Kick, Slash, Bulk Up)
- Swalot Lv.42 (Sludge, Ice Beam, Body Slam, Toxic)
- Nuzleaf Lv.41 (Bullet Seed, Faint Attack, Razor Wind, Nature Power)
- Electrode Lv.41 (Thunderbolt, Rollout, Screech, Charge)

Just doing an ordinary run.
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#5glory of power metalPosted 1/24/2012 9:59:56 AM
I have a game going in White where I'm past the E4, doing those other routes and my team is Excadrill, Beartic, Larvesta, Carracosta, and Braviary. I don't really plan to play it anymore, I don't have any ambition to see more of the game.

I'm also 4 badges into a game in HG with Crocanaw, Swinub, Aerodactyl, and Pinsir. I'm thinking about making it into an extinct Pokemon themed team, but don't really play this either.

My computer just broke down yesterday, but before that I was finally playing the Fallout: New Vegas DLCs and was finding them as average as reviews said they were. Before that I finished Sonic Generations and Jamestown and was messing around with other indie titles on Steam like NightSky and Beat Hazard.

I'm also stuck on the last level of Rayman Origins and as much as I really want to finish the game, it's honest to God the hardest level I've ever played in a video game (so much so that the game gives you unlimited lives and forgiving checkpoints and I still can't get through it).
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on the pokemon front, I keep wanting to go back and finish my playthrough of soul silver, i think i left off at skipping chuck and jasmine, and going straight to mahogany town and the team rocket base. in sapphire, i was in the middle of EV training a pokemon (i hope i can find my notes for that somewhere)

for everything else, i just finished saints row the third, so i've been playing borderlands, and i just started another playthrough of resident evil 5 yesterday so that i'm ready for when 6 comes out later this year.
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#7glory of power metalPosted 1/24/2012 10:44:05 AM
I loved Borderlands, can't wait for Borderworlds. And on the same general note, Diablo III is finally close on the horizon! :D
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glory of power metal is an anagram of Lame Flowerpot Orgy. ~ kirbymuncher
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Only PO. When you ask or I ask.
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#9Tanooki_YoshiPosted 1/24/2012 3:15:35 PM
I'm glad someone is starting to jump start this board again :)

Yes, I've actually started the post-E4 stuff in Pokemon Black. I have just been catching the older Pokemon and legendaries found scattered across Unova. My current team is Serperior, Swoobat, Chandelure, Krookodile, Seismitoad, and Zebstrika. I have to say that compared to Pokemon Platinum's E4, Black's final challenges were almost a complete cakewalk (however, I do think I may have over-leveled my team a little bit)

I've also been playing Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword and trying to complete all the side quests I can before the last part of the game (sans FAQs)

Also, just completed Castlevania ReBirth, Contra ReBirth, and Gradius ReBirth on the Wii and started playing Arkanoid Plus, Mr. Driller W, and Cave Story now and again.

Other than that, I was playing Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks and Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story for awhile, but put them both on hold while I finish playing Pokemon Black and Skyward Sword.
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#10nintendoboy333Posted 1/24/2012 7:07:59 PM
well im playin my frist Final Fantasy game and im playin Kirby's Adventure and mega man 4