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7 years ago#1
classic yu suzuki game and no props. this is bad.
7 years ago#2
It's good, I just think that everyone who has SGC for the 360/PS3 is a bit pissed off that the game was a lot harder than they remembered... :D

Ah... nostalgia.
7 years ago#3
This game is hilarious to play with some friends.
Same goes for Congo Bongo....and a whole bunch of other Genesis games while I'm at it...

Welcome to the Virtual World!
Get Ready!
7 years ago#4
XD Actually the SGC Space Harrier is improperly emulated and runs too fast I hear. Honestly Space Harrier has gotten ALOT of bad ports (don't get me started on the HORRIBLE "Space Harrier II Collection" port, which is the same as the Saturn and Shenmue ports). Thus far 32X has had the best port of Space Harrier.

Don't have the cash to check this one out for inaccuracies but I am, as usual worried that it's the same broken ground collision detection we usually get, or that there's no analog support, or that it only supports the arcade style "snap back to the center" controls.

Anyone care to enlighten me?
7 years ago#5
i think this is pretty much the spot on arcade version. i haven't heard anything about a bad emulation, and haven't noticed anything wrong while playing it- where did you get this info?
7 years ago#6

I only played it with the Wii remote held horizontally, so I cannot comment on the analog support. However, it does not snap back to the center of the screen, and the sound emulation is spot on.

The one on the SGC didnot run too fast, however, the voice on the guy was high-pitched and it did snap back to the center of the screen when you release the stick.

7 years ago#7
The info was based on my experience with previous Space Harrier ports. I said nothing about the Wii one.

Thanks for the report on the way non-analog controls are handled. I might just get this then. I guess the last question is the ground collision detection. If you actually wanna test that, stay running on the ground firing and see if you ram into anything you shouldn't have because your shot went through it instead of hitting it. This was the BIG problem I had with the Saturn/Shenmue/PS2 ports.
7 years ago#8
32X has the same issues as other versions and seems to have some minor slowdown, as well. 32X Space Harrier also has where you can't shoot things properly while running on the ground. Oddly enough, the ground running thing is in MAME too.
7 years ago#9
and from videos I have seen on youtube, it looks like the Wii Space Harrier still has that thing where you can't shoot things while running on the ground. Personally, it's far from a game killing issue, though. The ground objects can still be shot when not running on the ground.
7 years ago#10
I'm not sure if this is a good indication, but, telling from early in the video, it seems the ground "glitch" is even in the original arcade version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy39egLeO-0&feature=related
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