LoZ Interactive Story Season 8!

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Lol I know this is really late, but somewhere... out there... deep in my heart... at the bottom of my soul... at the pit of my... lungs... at the... umm... peak of my... esophagus... gosh this is hard... and at the barriers of my... dang, what's that called again... oh yeah, at the barriers of my epidermis...

Xine: .... -_-;
Me: ...I wish you a late Happy Birthday. :D

I just taught you part of your human anatomy. Don't worry. I don't know what the hell that was either.

AHEM. Anyways...

I got Skyward Sword at launch. I am almost done with the game, and I have to say that this is personally my favorite Zelda game. It equals with OoT, or perhaps it is even better.

I will give a non spoiler of my impressions so far:

This Zelda game is very, very, VERY unique among the many. It has done so many stuff that other Zeldas haven't that makes it the most interesting.

The difficulty for this game has improved immensely since Twilight Princess. I was completing the game with minimum hearts, but I can't do it anymore. I have to go back because now bosses take me down so quickly. Speaking of bosses; some are easy and obvious, but some will have your adrenaline pumping through your veins as they are innovative. Combat is the same; you have to be precise, sometimes get your timing right. The controls can be iffy, and they are something you definitely have to get used to. However, by the first temple you will be wanting to use potions.

Puzzle wise... Nintendo was not lying when they said the whole game is a puzzle; it really is. In fact, you can count it as a giant dungeon itself. In every area, you have to think in order to get ahead to the next area. Some puzzles actually stump you are are quite new to the series as well.

Story wise, it is amazing. It literally has the strongest opening in Zelda history, the characters evolve, everything is cinematic and completely awesome. Some things get so intense and I even cried at one point. (Then again, I'm very, very sensitive. Some things almsot made me tear up, and some things made me bawl.)

Do I recommend this game?


What are you looking at? Go to your nearest store and buy a copy!
Then God said, "Let there be Zelda and Kingdom Hearts, thy awesome game series ever!" GIVE ME CAPS OR GIVE ME DEATH!
#172AngelworkPosted 11/23/2011 2:04:44 AM
BTW: I am right now at one of the most difficult dungeons in Zelda history, and definitely one of the best.

I think this game totally takes OoT in a head lock and throws it against a wall. Hardest 3D Zelda. This is my new difficulty list based on the ones I've played:

1. LoZ
2. AoL
3. LttP
4. SS
5. LA
6. MM
7. OoT
8. TP
9. WW

...And I can't decide the rest on the way down lol. BTW; I beat the system last boss and I didn't need to get more hearts. Go Angel. x]
Then God said, "Let there be Zelda and Kingdom Hearts, thy awesome game series ever!" GIVE ME CAPS OR GIVE ME DEATH!
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Its been a while... Hi guys :D

Anyway i have been busy with skyward sword and i think i'm nearly finished... I'm on probably the most confusing dungeon ever in zelda history... I agree with angel on the difficulty... The game is a lot harder than previous zeldas... Story brilliant... I love Ghirahim in this game... He's so weird and creepy that he is brilliant :D i probably haven't done too much sidequesting as i have 14 heart containers and i have completed 6 dungeons...

Anyway guys skyward sword is a masterpiece :D Brilliant game!
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Merry day-after-Christmas everybody!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I know I did! :D

I got tons of cool stuff, like a /really, really, REALLY/ nice watch, a new TV, and Skyward Sword. :D
Other stuff too, but those are just some things in specific. Made a vid about it, but no one prolly cares, so yeah. xD

But how about you all? What'd you all get for Christmas? :D ...or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, Christmahanukwanzica. whatever you celebrate. xD
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Oh hai Odin, when you have time, please come back to Journal! We miss you.
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#176SitcheyPosted 1/1/2012 11:07:16 AM
Hey guys! Beat skyward sword since I last posted... Fantastic game! Love it!
Also I got Batman Arkham City for Christmas... It was also a really good game...
So what did everyone elae get :)