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Buggy?GhostChrome25/31 9:02PM
Insanity: reply to your questionDr Whoopass13/23 4:42PM
Realmz music in a popular Youtube video ?InsanityForce13/8 12:29PM
Holy crap I used to love this gameDr Whoopass22/17 6:55AM
RE:Character Editor 8.0 and missing (even if buggy) Twin Sands of Time Scenario?Ys_Gamer512/23 4:39AM
Character Editor 8.0 and missing (even if buggy) Twin Sands of Time Scenario?Ys_Gamer212/1 3:28AM
The old thread has been archived...InsanityForce26/29/2014
Has there been any actual working scenario registration numbers?
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Spoiler: areas to get permanent special powersDavinCross85710/11/2013
In DN, where do you get maliki's revenge? and shadowhawk?DavinCross85410/11/2013
If you get chemical protection x2 (special power) does it give you immunity?DavinCross85210/10/2013
Finally completed my RealmzDavinCross85410/6/2013
Help- In Mithril vault, I can't get into Lane's felds to clear the mushroomsDavinCross8519/30/2013
What does it mean to 'stack' enchanted blades or regenerate?DavinCross8529/27/2013
I thought I saw something abt assassins getting more than 1% sneak attackDavinCross8529/27/2013
Best defense against paralysis or weapon to even the field?DavinCross8599/27/2013
What exactly does armor class (AC) do?DavinCross8579/26/2013
What scenario do you find hammer of thor?DavinCross8539/23/2013
New topic so I can postgogo_1324/28/2012
Uploaded a crack for Divinity...InsanityForce46/22/2011
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