Can you get this on mac

#10availablenamesPosted 10/12/2012 9:25:49 PM
I am thinking of playing this once I finished SoS is there anyway you can get this and is it worthwhile
#2Model_OmegaPosted 10/12/2012 11:33:52 PM
1)- Get your Snes Emulator of choice (I use ZSNES)

2)- Find a working ROM of this game, posting links is illegal so you have to do that on your own, just google it, should be pretty easy.

3)- Place the ROM in the same file folder as your emulator, boot it up, and it should be accessible through the menus.

4)- This is optional, but if you want an English translation, go to
and download the FE4 translation patch, and click on the link "general patching instructions" if you don't know how to patch files.

5)- enjoy.

As far as I know all of this can be found on a mac.
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#3supershyguy65Posted 10/13/2012 7:01:36 AM
You totally can. And it is probably worth your time.
#40availablenames(Topic Creator)Posted 10/13/2012 9:17:28 AM
The patch isn't the right kind
#5supershyguy65Posted 10/13/2012 11:26:22 AM
Try to find a rom that has already been patched. Its doable.
#6cymbalinaPosted 10/13/2012 6:28:24 PM
supershyguy65 posted...
Try to find a rom that has already been patched. Its doable.

Yeah, it's doable. I use a Mac to play this and Thracia 776.
#70availablenames(Topic Creator)Posted 10/14/2012 4:01:04 PM
does serenes have this translated and can you make the screen any longer