A little trick, I found

#1Devil_DanPosted 1/8/2010 2:38:31 PM
It is a really long time since I last played it and it was the old DOS version, but let's see if I remember.

There is a spot, where you run right off the screen but are bumped back by a guard and held in the air. You then have to kick him, grab your pistol and shoot. Now before that, there is a normal guard a screen or two to the left. You can just run into his screen to lure him right. Then run into the guard mentioned earlier. As he grabs you, the guard from the left runs in and starts walking normally. Now when you kick the guard holding you and dive for your pistol, he starts shooting and kills the guard from the left. Then you can shoot him and that's about it.

P.S.: "HUAGH!" to you NotAFurry.