No! I claim it!

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8 years ago#1
This will serve a great purpose...
They want a fun vacation? I'll give them a fun vacation! And by that, I mean NO FUN AT ALL! -Bowser, Mario Party 7-
8 years ago#2
I have 2 boards as well so if we need it we'll be ready....
500th posts: 1 Look at quote. Welchar is a troll
8 years ago#3
From one board to the next... Well, it's better than nothing...
Wow! What did you do to earn the BK Loaded Steakhouse Burger?! :O
I successfully completed an 'Only BP, No Badges, No Levelled Partners' run in PM:TTYD! >:P
8 years ago#4
What do we have now, 30-odd secret boards?
I'm a signature virus. Put this in your sig and help me spread.
Please look at quote.

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