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4 years ago#1
I had around 6-8 dreams last night and the last 5 or so were lucid (sleeping in a bit longer than you should is a GREAT way to get lucid dreams), and they were (mostly) so cool I tried to write them all down, and am now making this topic for people to share their dreams. Now, first, an explanation of my dreams: mine are generally pretty interesting IMO, and I have several powers in my dreams, even when I don't know I'm dreaming. I can turn invisible (sometimes people can still see me though), fly, wake myself out of a dream I don't like (even when I don't know I'm dreaming; I just do it intuitively somehow), some Harry Potter spells (which almost never work), and in lucid dreams, can rewind and fast-forward time.

-I was remembering my recent Florida trip, although I got some things wrong: my dad was there (he actually wasn't), and I inexplicably met several members of the George W. Bush Administration.

-(Lucid) I was attacked by a lot of people for a reason I don't remember. I attacked back with various Harry Potter spells (Impedimenta, Expelliarmus, Stupefy, and once or twice Avada Kedavra, although I thought to myself that was a little excessive) while on the run. They worked (they usually don't when I use them in dreams).

-(Lucid) I was back in Florida, and went on a mini-adventure around where I live, constantly rubbing my hands to try to stay in the dream (as suggested by lucid dreaming websites), but finally woke up when it stopped working.

-(Lucid) I found myself in the world of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, more or less. I was first talking to two people: one of the girls from my elementary school and Emperor Uriel Septim VII, talking about the possibility of assassinations. I pointed out I could vaporize both of them immediately with my lightning spells, but was choosing not to.

Then I precognitively realized the emperor would soon be under attack, and vowed to stop his normally successful assassination. It proceeded much differently from in the game, with a bunch of random, extremely powerful assassins, although I too possessed great powers, super spells and weapons. At one point, a new person showed up... Barack Obama! I kept trying to keep him out of harm's way, but he was acting very stupid and I had to watch over and order him around constantly, telling him to hide.

Eventually two girls cornered the emperor, and I tried to attack them, but my weapons didn't work... actually they vanished. I ended up killing them by bashing one's head into the other's, right next to the emperor. Then I randomly thought to myself "I hope they don't become undead and rise up" and what do you know, they did. I woke myself out of the dream at that point saying "Nope, that didn't happen, assassination attempt foiled!"

-(Lucid) I was outside my best friend from Florida's house with a fictional Asian friend of my sister's. A family came up to her saying they didn't like her hair and she should come with them. She seemed insecure and agreed, but I was suspicious and made them back off. They came back, and I took the friend and flew into the sky to get her away from them. That ended somehow, then I flew again, this time approaching Seattle (which I live nearby). I thought how cool it was I remembered how it looked like... until I saw big palm trees! Seattle doesn't have palm trees! I demanded my mind show itself to give me an explanation, saying it could take any form so long as it could talk. As I flew over a bay, a GARGANTUAN black whale with an ugly bump on its forehead rose out of the water at me. I said "Okay, you win!" and woke myself up.

All I remember. Now, list your dreams!
4 years ago#2
I had a dream that was roaming the Observatory like I always do when I'm bored, and I realized that Rosalina was nowhere to be found. I panicked, and ran all around the Observatory, and then looked in the Garden. The door disappeared behind me. I tried looking around the garden and noticed that Polari and the invisible walls were gone. Without the invisible walls, I ran around the Garden, screaming Rosalina's name.

The door reappeared behind me, and I walked out. I was back in the Observatory, but I didn't notice anything different until I had teleported to the lower level; everything had suddenly gotten much bigger! By comparison, I was the size of an ant!

Sometimes Rosalina makes me eat those tiny blue mushrooms so she can have fun with her tiny boyfriend, so this was nothing new to me. But I didn't get why I had shrunken now; I didn't eat anything. Plus, I was much tinier than I usually get.

Then, I heard loud footsteps, from more than one person. Four sounded like heels, and two sounded like boots, and they seemed to be coming from both directions.

While I was listening to them, they got closer and closer; and before I knew it, the tip a familiar high-heeled blue shoe was inches from my face. I looked up nervously, and sure enough, I saw the beautiful face of Rosalina, looking down at me with an evil grin on her face.

"Uh...Rosalina? What are you doing?"

I saw the other girls behind her: Palutena, Peach, and Samus (they were the source of the sound of heels, obviously), and behind me were two other girls: Chun-Li and Zelda.

No one said anything, they just giggled. Palutena picked me up, petted my tiny head a little, and took me to the Bedroom, and the other girls followed. The girls all took of their shoes and sat in a circle around our new rug. Palutena gently placed me on the center of said rug, and the six girls stuck their giant feet out to the center of the rug. I was surrounded by a wall of feet, and I was far too small to climb out, despite my agility coming from previous experiences as a tiny man.

"You know what to do," Rosalina said.

I did indeed. I started with Palutena, nuzzling her soles and worshipping every inch of her feet I could reach; she had slanted her feet so that her toes point to her, making it a bit easier to climb. It was hard (that's what she said), but I did manage to get to her toes eventually. Her toes, like the rest of her feet, were very soft, and felt great to nuzzle.

I had experience with all these girls' feet (although they were usually normal size when I did it), so I knew what to expect in terms of taste and softness; all 12 feet were awesome.

After I gave Zelda's feet a few last kisses, Rosalina leaned forward, frowning.

"You only like me for my feet." she said accusingly, although she knows darn well I have many other reasons.
"You heard me. If having a place to stay wasn't an issue, you'd just go and find any other girl that has feet prettier than mine and dump me for her."
"That's not true!"
Rosalina just shook her head, then looked at the other girls.
"Goodbye Jim. I'm gonna let you die in what you'd consider the best way possible."

The wall of feet started closing in; the girls were scooting up. She was right about one thing, I thought, This IS a pretty good way to go.

The girls' feet got closer and closer. I tried to climb up Samus' foot, but I could only reach her arch before all the other feet had reached me. I was trapped between all 12 feet, al crushing me from every side, one sole pushing me against another. They put more and more pressure on me each second, and I was buried in foot. I couldn't take much more. I heard Rosalina say "Now!"...

(darn you character limit)
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4 years ago#3
...and then I woke up. I was back in my bed, with the beautiful, normal-sized Rosalina with me, sound asleep. According to my phone (since there's no night or day in space), it was 2 AM. I kissed her on the cheek, and went back to sleep.
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4 years ago#4
...... Real dreams only please.
4 years ago#5
Lord_Ichmael posted...
...... Real dreams only please.

What, do you think I'm a liar?
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4 years ago#6
In my lucid dreams, I just do whatever comes to mind. Sometimes I re-enact parts of my favorite video game series but replace the characters with people I know.
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4 years ago#7
Captain_Fetish posted...
Lord_Ichmael posted...
...... Real dreams only please.

What, do you think I'm a liar?

Daydreams don't count.
4 years ago#8

I had a dream I was playing this attempt at a 3D game starring Dave, an original character of mine. The graphics were awful, and Dave himself looked like he was photoshopped off a piece of paper I doodled on, and only had two frames in his walking animation. The world around him looked like it came straight from Blue's Clues.

Next thing I knew, Dave was gone and I was playing as Charlie Brown's sister, Sally. Both Sally and the world around her looked like they came straight from a colorless Peanuts comic, which was an improvement. I walked around, and I saw Snoopy. I walked up to him and pressed A. He said something about lesbians and I woke up.

The best part? That's one of the least weird dreams I can remember.
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4 years ago#9
Lord_Ichmael posted...
Captain_Fetish posted...
Lord_Ichmael posted...
...... Real dreams only please.

What, do you think I'm a liar?

Daydreams don't count.

Who wakes up at 2 AM from a daydream?
Fetish Kick!
4 years ago#10
I did have a much more innocent dream about getting attacked by Muslims. Megaman was there. 0_o
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