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I think I finally lost it...
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A new English FFXV trailer, Cid is a girl, Titan Summon, Town ExplorationOmegaDL50412/26 5:49PM
Happy Holidays to everyone.OmegaDL50512/25 8:24PM
About the PS Vita / Playstation TV
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Suikoden II is finally getting a PSOne Classic release on December 9th.OmegaDL50912/20 5:18PM
ATTN: Judas Traveller (Anime / Manga related)
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Will we ever get a Devil May Cry 5?Bob the Almighty712/15 12:08PM
SaGa 2015 (Working Title) Announced For VitaHolyAjora112/15 5:47AM
FF 10/10-2 HD coming to PS4Bob the Almighty712/15 5:36AM
Dragon Age: InquisitionBob the Almighty612/14 1:04AM
This recent trend of more games being open world is appealing to me.OmegaDL50612/7 4:33PM
Let's Play A Game Together Poll #2 (Poll)
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Two new FF games announced for iOS/Android (Archived)Bob the Almighty311/19 11:26PM
Campaign to get BoF 3 released digitally in NA (Archived)Bob the Almighty111/19 2:03PM
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Man the Dragon Age Keep is the greatest thing ever (Archived)Bob the Almighty511/18 1:07PM
Anyone up for Mario Kart 7 or 8 online? (Archived)Bob the Almighty611/15 9:48AM
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Arc the Lad Progress Report (Archived)
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FFXV seems to be very massive open world (Like Xenoblade or Elder Scrolls huge) (Archived)OmegaDL50911/6 8:45AM