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List of things Euls or Diffusal blade dispels? (Archived)sm0kiE83/26/2008
Perma-maim - the new build to end all builds? (Archived)killingART103/26/2008
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Lycan vs Lycan in -sh (Archived)
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Heroes don't need to be remade if they're "boring" (Archived)aclichedboy73/22/2008
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How to deny a ally hero? (Archived)
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Are CAL team registrations still open? I want to do a name spoofing CAL O team (Archived)
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Cecil Ragnarok163/21/2008
If you could have any one DotA item or ability, what would it be? (Archived)
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is it a good idea to get a sny at lvl 1? (Archived)OMGHYDRALISKS43/20/2008
why is broodmother ult cd 30secs? (Archived)
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