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8 years ago#1
Hello there hunters and passers-by. Welcome to Risky's Treasure Hunt.

Topic four is hidden at the following location:

CLUE 1: It's a healthy fruit, but Bear with me here.
CLUE 2: This might attract Scum to this place.

Good hunting!

(You may not realise what's going on here. It's a hunt, and by using the CLUEs above you can find another board with a topic just like this one. If you'd like to join, post so in this topic, then confirm your participation by finding Topic 4.)
8 years ago#2
I found this topic by Board Hunting.
SBAllah Akhbar - Allen is greatest!
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
8 years ago#3
Sjalvastefan also found Topic 4, and posted there. This makes him the first hunter in RTH3. However, I doubt he's going to hunt even more.
8 years ago#4
I found this topic because this was my favorite game growing up...
8 years ago#5
Actually, I expected more random posts in these topics. Must be the lazy days for board hunters.
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