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6 years ago#1
I've never played this game - I am considering downloading it, but I am not always very good at old school games. Unless there are unlimited continues, that is . . .

Anyone know about the difficulty and the number of continues for this version of the game?
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6 years ago#2
While playing, pressing the A button gives you extra continues, as many as you wish.
6 years ago#3
^^^what!?!?!are you sure..last night i was playing and only had 3-4 continues from what i remember..
6 years ago#4
Positive. In opyions you are allowed to adjust the number of life squares and the number of lives per continue, but pressing the A button gives you as many continues as times the button is pressed.
6 years ago#5
just press A when you are in the middle of playing??or when you die??
6 years ago#6

while playing press A and you will hear a chime, same thing on the title screen
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