Using the Angel Ring

#1ultpaladinPosted 9/21/2009 2:11:47 AM
I read on one of the FAQs that the Angel Ring that one of the Pegasus knights has gives the character bonuses when they go up a level. First, is this true and if it is, would the same bonuses result if I passed it between characters.
#2Raas EarlPosted 9/21/2009 7:32:18 AM
Angel Ring doubles the stat boosts of *wearer* upon level up.

Try to save state before attacking a foe (if you are playing via emulator) and pray that up to 3 stat boosts jump up the screen for grinding stats.

The Angel Ring is the optimal apparatus for getting character stats to god class (HP:52 Others:40).

There is a unholy rare chance that Thieves in the Thief Shrine will drop this gem (1/255).

#3Artemis251Posted 9/21/2009 8:16:03 AM
Ahh, so that's the drop rate. Where did you get that number? I'd love to see what everything can drop, and I really need to trigger the text when your item list is too full. I've gotten a handful of Steel Shields from zombies, but if there's something easier, I'd love to know!
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#4Raas EarlPosted 9/22/2009 12:41:37 AM
You know what?

I've played this game so many times until I have realized this as a gist.

There was a time where I got TWO Ankokuken (The ATK+13 one) from two Skeletons at Geese Fortress.

On another play-through, I got TWO Hagane Shields from two Zombies from Kitoushis spawning from Mira Shrine.

I failed to notice what turn it was, but I have a hunch that the turn count may help influence and determine drops from enemies. e.g. At Turn XXX, TWO YYY will be dropped. If I vanquished two thieves, I got two Angel Rings!

However, I am too busy to testify this. Disregarding this is fine.
#5Artemis251Posted 10/5/2009 7:47:59 AM
No, that won't work. I've tried manipulating the RNG to get better stat stuff, and the pool for item drops comes from the same RNG as everything else. I had a Zombie drop a Steel Shield in one load and not drop it in 3 other loads from the same place with different time between them. Thus, you just got lucky, I'm afraid. :(
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#6Raas EarlPosted 10/9/2009 4:14:01 AM

I got lucky.

<u>Drops in FEG are just a PITA.</u>

A list of what I obtained in past playthroughs:
- Hagane Shield (Zombies and Mummies) [0.258% Rate]
- Dark Sword (Skeletons) [0.098% Rate]
- Hero Sword (Witches) [0.055% Rate]
- Dragon Shield (Dragon Zombies) [0.055% Rate]
- Moonlight Lance (Majins) [0.258% Rate]

Those I have yet to obtain:
- Angel Ring (Thieves) [0.011% Rate] !!!
- Sun Lance (Biggles) [0.055% Rate]
- Shooting Star (Gargoyles) [0.014% Rate]