Chapter 3: battle with Wolf?

#1SirIlpalazzoPosted 9/18/2010 7:07:43 PM
What's a good way to deal with this map? I spent an entire hour killing the reinforcements outside the fortress only to get killed by the boss who essentially has infinite attack range. The guides don't actually give any strategy for chapter 3, so what can I do? The boss is so strong that none of my characters can fight him even though they're all reasonably leveled (same for the swordfighter with the dark sword on the other route).
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#2Raas EarlPosted 9/19/2010 7:34:53 AM
Wolf's fortress can be a PITA. How strong is your army?

a) Who has highest defense?

b) Who is the fastest unit?

c) Who has the longest range of attack?

d) Who can travel fastest in that desert?

For me, I have a greatly grinded party.

Boy was a Sage with full stats (52HP-40 in ATT,DEF,SPD,SKL, etc).

I have Leo as a Bow Knight (Range of attack: 5)

In fact, my entire party was grinded with Mummy encounters.

Killing Wolf needs some planning.

You got to kill the archers, the mages and the witches before you can reach Wolf.

This SOTB can move around and long shoot your weakest characters and therefore kill them.

I had Volbo tank the entrance after there were no magic threats.

The Pegasus Knights can help greatly in luring units out and isolate them for a blood fest.

This battle should be a challenge but not too hard if you level up considerably.

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#3SirIlpalazzo(Topic Creator)Posted 9/29/2010 2:41:53 PM
Well, looking at my roster:

Valbo, naturally, has the highest defense (12, level 4).
The fastest unit is Katua (12, level 5).
Celica (10), May (7), and Leo (7) all have 3-range attacks by now, and of course Leo can promote but I'm not sure if it'd good to promote him so early.

I can't really level up because I did almost all of Alm's path without realizing that reinforcements would come after Celica. Leveling up on the zombies or whatever in the sea dragon shrine is out of the question since they give no experience, and if I hang around the graveyard I'll have to deal with reinforcements and probably gargoyles at the same time - a battle I can't win without someone (usually Jenny) getting killed.

When I went after Wolf, I took out all of the reinforcements after a while and got my party back to full strength, but I accidentally put Valbo in Wolf's range while I was inching towards his fortress and he came out and killed a party member.

There are reinforcements next to me right now, so is it better to deal with them at Wolf's fort or the graveyard? Fighting them with Bly's group isn't going to work out.
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#4Raas EarlPosted 9/30/2010 3:37:04 AM
Taking a glimpse at your defense and level of the party, I guess they are a bit under-leveled.

You need to utilise the Angel Ring, which X2 stat boosts upon leveling up.

In graveyard battles, you need to look out for MUMMIES for they give high EXP.

Gargoyles or flying units are weak against archers, so Leo can take them out faster.

If you need raw attack, promote ALL your villagers, swordsmen, mercs into Demon Warriors (Masenshi in the Japanese Version). Do not worry stat problems. The Demon Warriors can loop promote back into Villagers which in turn can be promoted into ANY unit afterwards.

With Demon Warriors who can move in longer ranges than most units except those on horses, you can take out Wolf easier.

Go to a shrine and promote the mentioned units to gain a significant edge in battle.

Also try to set up formations in battles to always protect low defense units.

In graveyard battles, put all weak characters behind stronger ones and always have a healer nearby. All most units are undead, the Angel spell is most useful in taking out immediate or potential threats.

If you need more advice, do not hesitate to post messages. I venture this board everyday and am most glad to assist you in conquering this wonderful game! (^_^)
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#5SirIlpalazzo(Topic Creator)Posted 10/10/2010 12:37:17 PM
Update: I managed to take out Wolf by luring him into the grassy section on the left and surrounding him with the pegasus knights and promoted swordfighters. It was gratifying to finally get into that fortress without him there.

Are you sure that flying units are weak to bows in this game? It doesn't seem like it. It might be nice if they were, though, since gargoyles can be tough.
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#6Raas EarlPosted 10/11/2010 2:59:16 AM
Well, there you are with Wolf taken out. Congrats!

I was wondering if you still cannot take him out, I would recommend putting units in Healing Spaces as they decrease attack accuracy considerably. Also, Wolf has a Steel Bow which has only 70% accuracy. Staying on the Healing Space will render his attacks missing a lot.

And yes, flying units are vulnerable to arrows. Imagine a Holy Bow slicing through Gargoyles... I hope you get a Moonlight Spear (negates enemy terrain bonus + heals 5 HP/ turn) as a rare drop from them.
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#7Raas EarlPosted 10/11/2010 10:26:14 AM
Sorry for double post.

I am making a correction of the Gargoyle rare drop.

Gargoyles drop the Shooting Star Spear which has a 100% hit rate, 50% chance to inflict critical damage (x3) and heals 5 HP per turn.

I apologize if my error created confusion. :P
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#8SirIlpalazzo(Topic Creator)Posted 10/21/2010 9:12:19 PM
Update: just chipping away at Geese's fort. I'm abusing the retreat option so that there are only three enemies left, but one of them is the shaman. My plan is to lure Geese away with mist summons from Jenny so that the pegasus knights can kill the shaman (and probably also the sniper).
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#9Raas EarlPosted 10/28/2010 4:35:08 PM
The Shaman can generate Skeletons which have powerful attacks and decent defense. Holy weapons or Falcon Knights (promoted Pegasus Knights) can take them out in a hit. The Skeletons also have a decent drop rate of the Dark Sword; the highest in attacking power in terms of swords (+13 ATK).

Geese can be annoying as he is a Mage Killer. He has a long range move which makes it difficult to catch up with if your units can move only 4-5 while he can move up to 7 spaces. Try to corner him and limit his moves so he cannot run to healing space. You can even occupy the healing spaces so he has to place to heal himself. Enjoy the bloodfest!
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