Unlikely anyone is here....but I have some questions

#1bookwormbabe29Posted 6/25/2012 7:37:44 PM
Mostly on items. How do you get items? I hear you can find items dropped by enemies, like angel rings in the thieves shrine, but so far I've had no luck in finding any items on anyone. does the thief have to have it, and then drop it? Does he drop it if he has it? How exactly does this work?

Also, any word on those codes for this game, to make angel ring grinding easier? :)
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#2Raas EarlPosted 6/26/2012 8:44:16 AM
Q1: Items are obtained either from the following; a) A character comes with it upon recruitment, b) A foe drops it upon being defeated with different percentages depending on unit type, OR c) A foe carries a particular item, waiting for your allies to loot it

Q2: The Angel Ring has a hideously low drop rate [1/255]. Knock yourself out trying to find it.

Q3: There are codes for this game. I enjoyed this game very much upon getting things to appear on characters. As for manipulating drop rates, sorry!

If you need codes, please PM me. I always lurking around, waiting for someone to come in so I can relate to them how much I love this game. (^_^)
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